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As the father of a daughter I'm hyper sensitive to this and am disappointed at the author for seemingly completely missing the point. I'm going to chalk it up to either 1) lack of due diligence on banbossy or 2) an attempt to drive traffic via a counter argument to a popular topic, commonly used by bloggers. Either one is disappointing. The quote below is taken verbatim from page 7 of the tips for parents.

"Talk About the Word “Bossy” Calling a girl “bossy” when she asserts her voice—a word we rarely use for little boys—sends the message that girls should not speak up. Explain to the girls in your life that “bossy” is a word often used to make girls feel bad about speaking up. Brainstorm examples of moments when being “bossy” is a good idea. Talk about what you stand for as a family when it comes to speaking up and take steps to make sure the members of your extended community support your daughter when she speaks her mind"