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Aug 30, 2014 @chi1cabby commented on Uber Drivers Honking Their Horns in Downtown Seattle to Protest Pay Cut.
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Mar 14, 2014 @chi1cabby commented on UberX Closes Insurance Gap Because Duh, That Vote Is Coming.
This is still GARBAGE insurance coverage! UberX & Lyft areSTILL STATING that any claims involving an UberX/Lyft drivers to be FIRST filed with the drivers' insurance. It doesn't matter if the UberX/Lyft driver is between rides, engaged in a ride...the drivers' personal car insurance is still the PRIMARY policy, UberX/Lyft's insurance policies are STILL EXCESS LIABILITY ONLY and SECONDARY to the drivers' PERSONAL CAR INSURANCE policies. The FACT is that personal car insurance EXCLUDES livery or vehicle for hire activities!
The ONLY way out of this ride-sharing insurance charade is either to make UberX's policies the PRIMARY, or require UberX drivers to get commercial livery insurance! STOP PLAYING AROUND THE BUSHES, TRAVIS KALANICK!! PEOPLE'S LIVELIHOOD AND SAFETY IS AT STAKE!!
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