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Mar 14, 2014 BullshitElliminator commented on A Baker Refused to Make Your Wedding Cake?.
#90, Chase, if you have to wonder, then actually reading the answer in the Bible would allow you to wonder no longer. Christianity is not your enemy. And the reason that kind of church doesn't exist is because for one, that's retarded, and two, the Bible clearly opposes homosexuality.
Mar 14, 2014 BullshitElliminator commented on A Baker Refused to Make Your Wedding Cake?.
I wish there were more tolerant gays like Andrew. The world needs more like that.
Mar 14, 2014 BullshitElliminator joined My Stranger Face
Mar 14, 2014 BullshitElliminator commented on Anti-Gay Bigots at High School In Indiana Can't Ban Gay Kids From Prom....
"Let's pause here for a moment to feel the love. Because nothing says "love" quite as clearly as "you're not wanted and God hates you." ". And yet, no Christian in this blog is saying that. Way to try to put words in other peoples mouths. *slow clap* Oh, and GOD BLESS that special education teacher! It's nice to see special ed teachers also be Christian. Christians aren't hurting anyone. Faiths don't hurt people, people hurt people. Christianity encourages people to love and treat others as themselves. They just don't have to accept sin as okay. Any everyone sins, so nobody is taking the holier- than- thou approach here. People who use people of faith as scapegoats do so because they personally don't know and thus afraid of what they don't know, it really has nothing to do with them pitying others as well. And what's there to pity? Are these gay kids getting the shit kicked out of them? Harassed? Isn't that more an issue of people being shitty and not their beliefs when it happens? It's sad when intolerant people get so overworked, frothing at the mouth, ridiculous whenever someone uses the word "church". Were the people in the traditional prom committee all Christian? The article failed to mention that too. Did you know that one doesn't have to be religious to disprove of homosexuality? True story. Now, I champion people expressing their religious convictions, but there really is a thin line drawn there with how much is appropriate. From the painful lack of information and for arguments sake, let's say this school is made up of a majority that tolerates gays, but just refuses to accept homosexuality as moral. They know this, they can talk amongst their peers about it. But where these kids running for politics? Did they ever have the intent to make their opinions known in any headlines? I doubt it, much less for a prom in a highschool I'm some Podunk Indiana town. Don't see their statement making a difference. That said, let the gays be in the same prom. It's not like you have to associate with them or acknowledge their presence if you wanted to.