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Laurence Ballard
Savannah, Georgia
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Born on Whidbey; raised on Fidalgo.

Dec 14 Laurence Ballard commented on Is This Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road the Greatest Trailer Ever Made?.
Great. Another likely lost decade of Milleresque-inspired "found objects" design, in film and theatre.

And, yes, it was cool 30 years ago.
Sep 12 Laurence Ballard commented on How Do You Pronounce “Godot,” Anyway?.
Besides, when it comes to phonetics, the Brits can be the worst. They say tak-o for taco and pah-sta for pasta, for chrissakes.
Sep 12 Laurence Ballard commented on How Do You Pronounce “Godot,” Anyway?.
Listen to the French guy.

Besides, Gogo may be a lot of things, but he ain't stupid:

ESTRAGON: (undertone). Is that him?
ESTRAGON: (trying to remember the name). Er...
POZZO: I present myself: Pozzo.
VLADIMIR: (to Estragon). Not at all!
ESTRAGON: He said Godot.
VLADIMIR: Not at all!

The name search following seems to work best if the names rhyme just a bit. "Pozzo, Bozzo, Gozzo"--Godot--all given slightly stronger stress on the first syllable. Harder for English speakers to do than non performers might think. We naturally speak in iams and trochees. Makes equally stressed words just a bit tricky for some of us.

I was fortunate enough to be involved with one of the very last productions of GODOT before Mr. Beckett's death in December of '89. He was tinkering with his plays right up until the end. Especially GODOT. We had minor changes in our script at the Berkeley Rep, directed by Antony Taccone, forwarded from the agency. More recent runs of the script from the publisher have almost all of minor tweaks from the later years and the '89 Berkeley production. If you have an older Grove Press copy, they might not all be present.
Sep 9 Laurence Ballard commented on Ferguson City Council Promises the Impossible: It Will Not Need the Revenue From Fines and Fees.
Those parking fees add up to substantial budgetary items in some cities.
Living and working in Berkeley in late 80s, the town was featured in a lengthy article in the CSM because parking fees alone comprised over a quarter of city's operating budget.
There were Red curbs, Yellow curbs, Green curbs, Blue curbs, White curbs, Grey curbs (yes, cement curbs painted grey). Each came with it's own set of restrictions and requirements. Every year, when 'painting season' began, the paint would creep a couple of inches at either end. We used to measure the progress.
Sidebar: favorite painting season moment--three city workers standing around a manhole watching a fourth paint a circle around the cover. As I passed them in a crosswalk, I stopped and asked what they were doing. "What does it look like? We're painting the covers so we can find them."
I snarked, "How did you find it to paint it so you can find it--in the first place?"
"Fuck off", was the reply and I did.
Aug 21 Laurence Ballard commented on Consumer Advocacy Organization Says Fake Chicken Is Making People Sick.
You may be on to something. Vegetarian by choice for over 20 years. Spent considerable time in Japan and I am quite fond of fucha ryori--dishes using fungi, among other ingredients. Yet I avoid all Quorn's products not out of esthetics or politics--they're actually rather tasty--but for the acute digestive disruption in the hours following. Well before Quorn hit the markets, I acquired Coccidioidomycosis working in the desert SW and spent a full year on systemic anti-fungals. The legacy of the infection is a heightened sensitivity to molds and many types of fungi. Quorn's mycoprotein is really nothing but a highly processed industrial vat of Fusarium venenatum spore: mold. Shaped and further molded. Apparently I'm sensitive to microfungi from Buckinghamshire.
Quorn is a "mushroom-derived faux-meat" much like high fructose corn syrup is a "corn-derived faux-sugar".

Aug 14 Laurence Ballard commented on Book of Mormon Interrupted by Rampant Fingerbanging.
Paramount Staff Meeting 08/15/2014:
No more Single-wide Nights.
Jul 30 Laurence Ballard commented on Are New Advanced Electric Meters Gonna Fry Your Brain?.
Live in Savannah. We went through all of this just over two-years ago when Smart meters were installed throughout the region by Georgia Power. Same fear mongering; same links passed around by concerned citizens; same promises of civil disobedience, etc., etc.
Guess what? No zombie apocalypse; no Southern-fried brains (although how could we tell?); no power grid hacks.
The only thing I've noticed is a 3 - 5% savings paid to the utility over a 24 month period. More accurate reading has meant a slight lowering of my power bill--at a time when GP upped residential rates by 8%.
Jul 24 Laurence Ballard updated his or her bio.
Jul 24 Laurence Ballard commented on The Problem with The Mikado.

I’d be surprised if Ms. Chan hasn’t read the piece. (She doesn’t say.) Does she have to see the production—any production of the silly little operetta—in order to criticize the play? I think that all depends. There are plenty of people bored shitless by the ever-popular Shakespeare who’ve never seen an actual production—excepting perhaps some lame-ass film version. (Hell, I’ve listened to people bellyache about the Theatre in general who’ve never seen a play. But that’s a discussion for another time…)
While they are much more substantial plays to be certain, there are nonetheless a goodly number of religionists who won’t deign to see Kushner’s Angels in America, or McNally’s Love! Valour! Compassion!—to name just two—condemning them as godless garbage, or worse. And you know what? They don’t have to. I get it. I may not agree with their assessment—even find laughable—but I grok their issue(s) with the plays. I fully get the fact they find it offensive, for very personal reasons.
In fact, I know how they feel: I don’t need to see the “innocent merriment” of a minstrel show in order to find the entire concept excretable. Do I really have to see one of these racist ditties to condemn them? Don’t think so.

Which brings us back to Ms. Chan. Perhaps the biggest take-away in all of the media coverage (and copious comments) were people telling Ms. Chan what she may or may not find objectionable or even disrespectful to her own upbringing and heritage. People failing to take into account a simple rubric: Tribe A does not get to tell Tribe B how Tribe B feels or should feel or should or shouldn’t respect on matters directly related to Tribe B.

Like Mr. Kiley, and a number of others, I find the conclusion drawn in the WSJ to effectively hit the proverbial nail on the head.
Jun 20 Laurence Ballard commented on Friday Slog Poll: Should It Be Legal to Give Your Pet a Tattoo?.
@2 & 3 have it covered.

All of my animal companions are rescues. It's already hard enough saving discarded pets in shelters and finding them new homes without adding the additional burdensome layer of a former possessor's overweening sense of property and entitlement exemplified by a permanent, lame-ass tattoo on an animal's skin.

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