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I am surprisingly bad at leaving replies that I don't later regret.

Mycelium is looking forward to some early spring mushrooming!
Sep 3, 2015 Mycelium commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: This Guy Says He Slept With Marco Rubio.
Seriously, close the window shade? Enjoy some fantastic cloud formations and/or topography, especially flying out of Seattle with our nearby fjords and volcanoes. Even at night, seeing cities lit from above and watching lightning flash in distant thunderheads is better than watching a rerun of The Office. Bring one of those eye shade things if nature's glory is problematic.
Jun 11, 2015 Mycelium commented on Sufjan Stevens Reminded Us of Mortality at The Paramount Theatre.
I was not emotionally prepared for that show last night. Wow.
Nov 7, 2013 Mycelium commented on President Obama Apologizes to Americans Whose Health Insurance Plans Have Been Terminated.
@8 - The plan (offered through my employer) has low deductibles but also very low limits for total amount covered relating to hospital services ($5000). It states clearly in the plan that "many illnesses cost much more to treat than this plan will cover". A lot of the plans being cancelled are of this nature (i.e. terrible). This plan was employer-subsidized and I'm young and healthy, but I'm looking forward to getting "real insurance" on the exchange.

While Obama's apology makes sense in a playing politics kind of way, I think coverage of this issue has been unfairly skewed against the ACA (flawed as it may be), and more of the outrage needs to be directed at insurance companies.
Nov 7, 2013 Mycelium commented on President Obama Apologizes to Americans Whose Health Insurance Plans Have Been Terminated.
If I understand it correctly, most cancelled insurance plans would have been able to continue as-is (at least for the next year) under the ACA, and that the cancellations are due to "business considerations" by insurance companies rather than due to any prohibitions imposed by the ACA. My own (craptacular) Aetna insurance plan is one of those being cancelled in response to the ACA. I don't understand why the blame here is falling primarily on Obama rather than on the insurance companies who are cancelling plans (plans which they are able to renew under the ACA) presumably so they can make more money by forcing their customers to buy pricier plans on the exchange. Another element generally left out of reporting on this issue is that many of the cancelled plans were "health insurance" in name only (my cancelled plan, for example, would have covered a sprained wrist, but if I actually needed surgery or became seriously ill I'd have been in about the same position as someone with zero insurance).
Dec 3, 2012 Mycelium commented on Riding In Psych Lanes.
@165, I hardly fit the stereotype of the Seattle cyclist - don't own any spandex, and do in fact use ample lighting and wear bright clothing, but thank you for your concern? I've had drivers roll down their windows and scream at me to ride on the sidewalk (direct quote: "why the fuck don't you ride on the sidewalk!!!!???!!") but have never had a negative encounter with a pedestrian while riding on the sidewalk (maybe because I try not to be an asshole? Then again, I almost always bike in the street unless traffic patterns/road conditions make it very much unsafe).
Dec 2, 2012 Mycelium commented on Riding In Psych Lanes.
Used to live off of Rainier Ave, which for much of its length has no bike lanes or even shoulders - During heavy traffic or at night, riding in the street is quite terrifying (and depending on your starting point and destination, side streets may not be an option for the whole trip). There are very few cyclists on the street but plenty of pedestrian traffic due to the many bus stops. Bicycling on the sidewalk (with complete deference to pedestrians and extra caution at intersections and driveways) makes a lot of sense - drivers tend to scan the sidewalks at intersections/driveways due to the frequent pedestrian traffic and allow a cyclist to pass. Riding on the street tends to produce a lot of road rage, rearview mirrors clipping your clothing with too-close passes, and dangerous confusion from drivers who see few cyclists on the street and are not used to accomodating them. I bike on the streets in downtown, capitol hill, anywhere else where cyclists are common and drivers are willing to give me some space - but sometimes riding on the sidewalk (again, with complete deference to pedestrians and extra caution at intersections and driveways) seems like the safest option for everyone.
Nov 26, 2012 Mycelium commented on The Future City of Micro-Living.
I lived in a 11'x11' apartment for a year. Cooking meals without a real stove/oven/kitchen sink, needing to rearrange everything you own just to do a craft or construction project, stumbling over the sewing machine, desk chair, and printer en route to bed, not having room for a garden or decent house plants, cooking a garlicky dish and scenting all of your clean laundry accordingly... it gets old pretty quick. Micro-living is fine if all of your hobbies are social and you've got the dough to eat out every day, not so fine for the crafty introvert.
Jun 26, 2012 Mycelium commented on "Anyone who eats Oreos is now openly a heretic...Eating Oreos is now a Sin".
Gah, I clicked on that buzzfeed link expecting some cheap laughs, but now I'm just depressed and a little frightened.
Jan 30, 2012 Mycelium commented on Adopting a Rescue Animal Is a Wonderful Thing to Do.
I wonder why the people in this story didn't just shrug it off and try a city or county shelter? I had no problem adopting a rabbit from the Seattle Humane society several years ago (bunny's still doing great!) - can imagine I would've been rejected handily by a private rescue as I work full time and don't own a home.
Dec 13, 2010 Mycelium commented on SL Letter of the Day: An Email Exchange.
italics b drivin me crazy (does this work?) n this xchange maed me lol. And cry a little for my generation.