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Dec 26, 2016 tim browne commented on Savage Love.
You catch more more flies with honey than vinegar.

Constantly berating people and reminding them that they're backwards hicks isn't a great way to win them over.

Democrats could EASILY say "enough" on the endless stream of unneeded, financially burdening immigrants without documentation.

Democrats could EASILY clean their own swamp... the number of cities with incredibly corrupt Democrat Machines is shocking... Philly and Chicago just saw more Federal indictments this month.

Democrats could EASILY press for laws to change social injustices, similar to the Civil Rights Act. Relying on the Supreme Court to "fix things" engenders resentment.

So there you are.
May 19, 2016 tim browne commented on Savage Love.
@74: I'd have self esteem issues if my wife were out getting laid on the reg and wasn't so much as blowing me on occassion. It would be humiliating.
May 19, 2016 tim browne commented on Savage Love.
So the first situation isn't really "poly", it's really an open marriage, right? Cause they aren't banging each other. You have to be a pretty confident man to get play when you're married. Many, many women want their own man (perhaps it's nature?) so they're not really in to being the side piece. If I were husband, I'd just call a divorce attorney and move on.
May 19, 2016 tim browne commented on Savage Love.
Why is everything suddenly about Trans people? They're a very very small community, yet every advice column, every health article, everything is about them. That said, I'm thinking the reason he (and many trannies) can't get laid is that they're neither fish nor foul. They present as men, suggesting they have penis'... yet they have vaginas... so .... they need a gay man who likes pussy? A lesbian who wants a hairy chested person with a vagina? I don't understand trannies at all, and I understand their sexual opportunities even less.
Feb 3, 2016 tim browne commented on Savage Love.
As a gay man who is... well... active...here's my unscientific, but always accurate observation. Most men tend to prefer men like themselves, with a possible exception of nearly all men are good for men younger than they are. But race, body type, height, smooth / hairy, cut / uncut... tend to pair up alike. There are clearly exceptions and some people like contrast. But still.

Also, men where there are a lot of other gay tend to become increasingly finicky about their desires and "type" as they can nearly always find it. Frankly, if you read Cosmo and the like so do women. I live in the suburbs of a large city and score some very very fine "fun" from guys who are visiting... I'm not their dream date I suppose, but I'm more than good enough. And that works for me...
Dec 10, 2015 tim browne commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: My Fuckbuddy, My Cousin.
Second cousins are barely related at all. My father had a first cousin that married one of the mutual second cousins... their kids are now in their 70s and perfectly normal. Some people snickered at it, but everyone knew it was within bounds. The odd thing, though, is that after husband #1 died she turned around and married another second cousin from the other side of the family!!!
Dec 10, 2015 tim browne commented on Savage Love.
Being offered $3,000 by some random guy on Grindr and actually getting the $3,000 are two different things. Guys who get paid that kind of money are well know, extremely attractive porn actors with "special skills" of various sorts. I have an attractive college aged friend who is a sex worker. He generally gets $100 an hour. That seems to be the going rate, at least in Chicago.
Dec 10, 2015 tim browne commented on When a Mass Killer Is a White Christian, He's a Lone Lunatic, but When He's Muslim, He Represents All Muslims.
Sigh. Really? "Plenty of pro-life pastors approve of the murder of doctors." There may be some fringe nuts, but that is by no means a common thing, nor is it in any manner supported by Jesus in the Bible. Read the Bible, especially the New Testament and specifically the very words of Jesus. The idea that people who did not follow the way of God should be killed was never even vaguely suggested. So get over your anti-Christian diatribe and get real.
Dec 9, 2015 tim browne commented on Savage Love.
These "open relationships" or "cokholding" or whatever always seem so uncomplicated, but they rarely turn out that way. I'm an older gay male with... well... a special endowment. I can't enter a relationship at present due to family responsibilities, but do prefer ongoing situations. I have gotten involved with four or five couples over the years, and it has consistently turned weird. The ones where one partner wants the other to have sex while he watches leads to jealousy because "watcher" discovers his man really likes the new dick. The three ways result in one -- or the other -- or both! -- looking for some 1:1 on the side. It's a mess, and I've sworn them off. After having my life threatened the second time.
Dec 9, 2015 tim browne commented on Savage Love.
Friend absolutely needs to be dropped. This is out of bounds.

GF is something, and it's not something good. Ditch her too. Don't waste your time trying to figure out her motives, there's not a good one out there.