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Aug 28 tim browne commented on Savage Love.
Regarding PISS. I have a buddy that I've been with four or five times. The first couple of times were nice if not particularly memorable. Then one day by text he brought up WS, and I peed on him that very afternoon. Since then I've discovered that he's a very very open lover and we're having some hot, sweaty, no holds barred sex. He's a kinky boi... ;)
Jul 1 tim browne commented on Savage Love.
"Horse"? It needs to be much more common animal; one found everywhere. Squirrel? They jump from tree to tree (be to bed). Bury nuts. Obsess over where they left nuts....
Jun 20 tim browne commented on Savage Love.
20 years ago I was an officer in my fraternity chapter. We had a pledge who had serious anger issues when he drank. We had two formal small group conversations with him, during which he cried, begged forgiveness and said he was getting help. But then one night he got drunk, drove over to his girlfriends apartment and threatened to kill her. Some other guys kept him from getting near her, fortunately. He was blackballed that evening and moved out in the morning.
Apr 4 tim browne commented on Savage Love.
And, as a gay man, I'll weigh in on the currently popularity of "trans". It's odd that suddenly there is a conversation about them everywhere. How many are there really? Anyone have a good number?

I'm also confused by them. Absent a few really rare cases, they're born with gender parts that match their chromosomes. So they cannot possibly be "misassigned" at birth. Even after surgery they still need hormones to "reassign" themselves.

So why do they get lumped in with us homos who are our natural gender but just want same sex??
Apr 4 tim browne joined My Stranger Face
Apr 4 tim browne commented on Savage Love.
There's a right time to disclose anything that may be odd or a deal breaker, and it's before the underwear comes off. I'm a gay man and have a FWB who only has one testicle (high school wresting accident... yikes). The first time we were about to get naked he whispered in my ear "don't freak out when you find my sack only has one nut..". So I stopped and translated, no big deal. He said he'd found that if he didn't say something until it was discovered it really broke the mood.

So if someone is going through life dressed and passing as having one set of junk, they really need to be honest before anyone's naked. Remember "The Crying Game"?

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