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Apr 16, 2014 driver325 joined My Stranger Face
Apr 16, 2014 driver325 commented on Drivers Decry "Predatory" Uber.
Bering a (former) Uber-X driver I can appreciate the rating system - when used honestly and appropriately. Uber will use if it is of benefit to Uber because there is no accountability ,or proof of the (poor) ratings. They terminated my contract when I brought to their attention that the numbers they were quoting, to exclude me from being paid a GUARANTEE that they offered, were wrong. Not only were they wrong, they didnt have the first clue about what the numbers stood for nor how they arrived at them - but they stood behind them 100%.
The Texas Workforce Commission will battle it out with them....but it has been my experience that there are so many things going on at Uber that nobody understands, and nobody is responsible for - that this could be a long battle.
Aside from offering the GUARANTEE and not paying it out - there is not a single "oversight" at UBER that is not in Ubers favor. They dont pay tolls properly and the cancellation fees - which the driver is to receive is seldom paid without asking and then only after fighting for it.
Add to that all the perks that Uber expects its drivers to pay for - a clean car, daily, water for riders, maintenance, upkeep and gasoline and to help with all these expenses - they lower the rates for the riders to a level far below what is necessary to break even.
I suspect that the rise of Uber will slow soon, lets hope it doesnt come tumbling down.