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Dec 28, 2013 Encolpius commented on Rent a Video.
A comparable space for Scarecrow on Capitol Hill would cost several times what they are paying. Moving into one of the chic new apartment complexes would sign Scarecrow's death warrant and the space would end up empty, just like all of the other ones are.

Hop on the 44 bus, get off at Roosevelt and walk the 1/2 mile. It'll be good for you.
Dec 1, 2012 Encolpius commented on Lack of Foresight.
Having just come back from a trip to Massachusetts, where you can't even walk into a grocery store to buy beer and instead have to find one a the few private liquor stores that closes at 9:00 PM, I'd say we have it pretty good here.
Jul 28, 2009 Encolpius commented on Captain Blacks.
Make up your mind. Bars don't advertise chicken, waffles, and po'boys up and down the street and restaurants don't have shady twenty-somethings at the door demanding I.D. from 40 year olds.

There are several dozen more welcoming places within walking distance that cut the attitude and don't treat their customers like potential gang bangers. It's a pity Captain Blacks can't figure out who their customers are, because I really wanted to try the chicken and was looking forward to a cold beer on the patio.