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Apr 9, 2014 hierophant joined My Stranger Face
Apr 7, 2010 hierophant commented on Opening Day!.
What's the difference? At either place, you'll blow fifty bucks and leave feeling frustrated.
Jul 29, 2009 hierophant commented on Candidate Survivor Live Slog!.
The moderators were hilarious, particularly Dominic. I was baffled by the pre-show entertainment, though - why the hell were 3.5 mayoral candidates on stage playing hoops? And does Underwood always get that flushed rubbing up against another man?

Miller cheated on the talent portion - it was clearly visible from the corner of the room that he pulled his pre-made "fudge" from one microwave while slipping his uncooked "fudge" into the other. Likewise, Bobby Forch pulled out trays of his pre-made cookies to pass out to the crowd.

One quick question - Plants declared that he was the only one on stage without health insurance. As a military veteran, I'm assuming he's eligible to receive medical benefits from from the VA.