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Apr 24, 2014 PharaohsOfTheSun joined My Stranger Face
Apr 24, 2014 PharaohsOfTheSun commented on Did You Know It's the Season When Giant House Spiders Walk Around Seattle Homes?.
Yep... I saw one of these big guys about 5 feet away from me against the wall on the floor in my garage in Ballard.
Was like "nope".
Kicked the bottom of a full 5 gallon bucket and it flew and smashed the spider against the wall.
Kinda felt bad after, but it all happened instinctually in the span of about three seconds.
Guess I'm a natural born arachnid murderer.
Also saw one in the bathroom of the "Birds Nest" where my band practices. It was already noped from someone else, so I could take my dumpledor in peace.