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Aug 13 Always east coaster commented on Discovery Channel Sucks.
I remember back when the Discovery Channel was really good. Now they've gone lowbrow, going for cheap thrills rather than edification. So sad.
Aug 11 Always east coaster commented on Hillary Clinton Breaks with President Obama on Syrian "Failure".
The more I hear about Clinton's foreign policy positions, the more worried I become, and the more I hope that someone mounts a serious challenge against her in the primaries and runs on foreign issues. It appalls me that she would throw away all the good that Obama's restraint has done. We saw what unrestrained interventionism did under Bush, why would we want to go back to that?
Aug 9 Always east coaster commented on Racism and Ebola, Capitalism and Ebola, God and Ebola.
The pharmaceutical industry makes drugs to sell to people who can pay. That's why they spend so much money investigating drugs for baldness, ED, and other first-world problems and so little on tropical diseases - they want money, and Africans don't have money, so they don't develop drugs for them.
Aug 9 Always east coaster commented on SL Letter of the Day: Unknowable Unknowns.
This guy should have gone to see a doctor to find out if everything was OK back there and whether there was evidence of sexual contact.
Aug 9 Always east coaster commented on Guest Editorial: We Need to Fight for Affordable Housing on Many Fronts.
Nice of you to acknowledge that there are multiple fronts to attack this problem, but most of what you're talking about is small potatoes, and you didn't really talk about the biggest thing that needs to be done to make housing more affordable: BUILD MORE!

In the end, high housing prices are a straightforward result of the law of supply and demand. Any "fix" that doesn't involve dramatically expanding supply will be, at best, only mildly effective and only in the short term. It comes down to musical chairs: if there aren't enough units in Seattle to house the people who want to live in Seattle, some people will be forced to live elsewhere.

Seattle needs to stop trying to micromanage development and allow the developers to build the housing that the market is demanding. Everything from luxury condos to row houses to family-size apartments to apodments, as long as it's safe and not eye-searingly ugly and doesn't demolish something particularly historic it should be allowed. Stop wringing your hands about the character of the neighborhood and sightlines. Compared with the ability of people of modest means to enjoy the amenities of urban living at a reasonable price, those things are just not important. If traffic is a problem, use the tax revenue from the newly-added households to build more transit and add more buses.
Jul 29 Always east coaster commented on Capitol Hill Block Party Wrap Up: The Best In Photos.
Jesus has resin? Great! I'll be sure to contact him next time I need to make something out of plastic.
Jul 28 Always east coaster commented on Guest Editorial: The Rent Is Too Damn High, Let's Get It Under Control.
If developers are allowed to build some units, but not as many as the market will bear, the units built will inevitably be high-margin luxury units. The right solution isn't to conclude that allowing construction is unhelpful, it's that even more construction is needed. Once the luxury market is satisfied, developers will turn to building middle-class housing.

The implementation of a state income tax for high earners would also be helpful in cooling the luxury market, by reducing the amount of house that high earners can afford. Ultimately, though, real action against inequality will have to come from the federal government. At the local level, the best solution is to allow the construction of enough square footage to fully satisfy housing demand from top to bottom.
Jul 28 Always east coaster commented on Executive Director of Gun Owners of America to a Congresswoman: "You Should Do Your Job in Constant Trepidation".
@12 Wow, Blues, your arguments are even weaker than usual. A quick Google search shows that there are 32,000 gun deaths in the US per year, versus an average of 30 dead in plane crashes. Try again.

And no, it's not a slippery slope, because different rights are supported by different lines of reasoning, so that attacking the reasoning behind one doesn't undermine the reasoning behind others. The reasons behind the right to free speech, prohibition of unreasonable search and seizure, and trial by jury hold up as well today as they did in 1788, but the reasoning behind the right to bear arms has massively deteriorated as the nation has transformed itself from a sparsely populated agricultural nation fresh from a rebellion with a dangerous frontier to a well-ordered, modern urban nation that has never needed another armed rebellion to throw off tyranny.

Treating the right to bear arms as a Constitutional right just doesn't make sense anymore, which is why I believe that we ought to push for the repeal of the Second Amendment, and hopefully achieve it within the next 50 years. No other democracy enshrines the right to bear arms. It isn't necessary and it's causing thousands of needless deaths every year. It's time to get treat it as the anachronism it is.
Jul 28 Always east coaster commented on Executive Director of Gun Owners of America to a Congresswoman: "You Should Do Your Job in Constant Trepidation".
Shooting a public official who did something that you didn't like is not an act protected by the Constitution. Indeed, every guy who ever has shot a public official for disagreeing with him has been roundly condemned by the public, and they are usually punished even more severely than ordinary murderers. Shooting a public official is not just a crime against the individual; it is a crime against the entire community who elected that official because it represents a single person forcibly negating the will of the majority. The assassin is the real tyrant in the situation.

The founding fathers understood that the violent overthrow of the government is justified only when legal methods have failed to address the problem AND a solid majority of the public supports the rebellion. There's a reason the language of the Second Amendment mentions militias. The right to bear arms was never intended to be an individual right, it was envisioned as a collective right of the community as a whole.
Jul 26 Always east coaster commented on Twenty Palestinians Killed for Every One Israeli.
It's past time for the US to disassociate and disentangle itself from this mess. Stop giving Israel money, stop constantly trying to get Netanyahu into a peace negotiation he's clearly not interested in. Our continued involvement does nothing to help our national interest and everything to hurt it.

Hamas is horrible, and Israel could be worse, but that doesn't excuse the expansion of settlements on stolen Palestinian land, nor does it justify the oppression and killing of Palestinian civilians. I'm sick of the "double standard" argument. it makes about as much sense as a mugger arguing that he shouldn't be prosecuted because he's not a rapist and why aren't you prosecuting rapists instead, nevermind that you actually did go after a rapist just last week, and most rapists are impossible to convict, but you have rock-solid evidence that this guy did, in fact, commit a mugging.

There's no good reason for American tax dollars to be subsidizing these horrors. Cut the aid spigot, already.

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