2:25 PM Hacksaw commented on Memo to the Theater Stagehands Who Didn't Know That I Was Joking.
Shitty apology, but I suppose that's the best we can hope for.
Nov 1 Hacksaw commented on The Morning News: Men Are Babies About Birth Control, Cynthia Whitlatch Trial Begins.
Dishonest clickbait headlines like this do not become you, Sydney. Do better.
Oct 26 Hacksaw commented on Savage Love.
Thank you for that last addendum on your final response, Dan. Growing up, I was never taught about what constitutes consent and inappropriate sexual touching (I'm a straight cis guy). The result of that was me not having the vocabulary to inform my parents that I'd been aggressively molested by a female babysitter multiple times as a child. It was only much later that I realized what had been done to me, but even then only because I was learning about sexual violence against women as perpetrated by men. They never taught us that it could ever be the other way around, and to be honest that's probably how things largely still are.

To any parents reading this: please, by all means, teach your children about consent and appropriate touching guidelines, but be sure you are teaching your girls AND boys what constitutes sexual assault, because it can and does happen to everyone. No one gets to breathe easy and walk through life without fear of sexual violence, contrary to what someone's burning internal resentment might tell them.
Oct 10 Hacksaw commented on The Morning News: Presidential Debate Rage, a Call for State GOP Party Chair's Resignation, and Seattle Racism.
Camelot Square sucks. I'm not surprised someone got shot by the cops, I'm just surprised it took this long to happen. Police were in and out of there all the time when I worked there. It's a giant garbage heap of a place.
Sep 28 Hacksaw commented on How the Seattle Police Secretly—and Illegally—Purchased a Tool for Tracking Your Social Media Posts.
Welcome to the age of ctOS. There's no turning back now!
Sep 7 Hacksaw commented on Two Artists Are Giving Out “Gentrification Citations” To Local Businesses, Including Uncle Ike's.
Friendly reminder that the Central District used to be Seattle's Jewish district. Before that, it was Native land. It "rightfully" belongs to no one who currently claims residence there, so they can stuff their fliers AND their indignation up their asses.
Jul 22 Hacksaw commented on Seattle Police Union Votes Down City's Contract Offer.
Fuck SPD, and fuck SPOG.
Jul 15 Hacksaw commented on Military Coup in Turkey.
I'm surprised the military waited this long to oust Erdogan.
Jun 24 Hacksaw commented on Mayor Involves FBI in Hunt for Source in Stranger Police Union Story.
@12 SPOG never stands side by side with its allied unions during times of labor turmoil, where as other unions do. Besides which, police are not laborer, and in fact are antithetical to everything modern laborers are, as police are the handmaids of power and therefore aligned with the forces that seek to hamstring/crush labor in modern America.

It's like calling the only dog in a confederation of sheep a cat by association; when push comes to shove, the dog is there to herd the sheep, not get them a better deal with the shepherd.