Nov 3 bgix commented on You Don't Know Ms. Banks.
I am certainly not in lock step with Dan Savage.... However I did get an email from Pamela Banks that really irritated me, and confirmed me in the Sawant camp.The email was titled "This Is Why I Am Running", and included an email she got from a supporter. The included letter was full of faint praise for Sawant, but accused her of running for a "neighborhood seat" with "citywide issues". The letter said that only Pamela could speak for the people of the district, and that included the apparently fairly affluent letter writer.

I was left with the impression that the letter writer was upset that if Sawant won, she would not speak for the affluent residents of the 3rd district. Affluence will have no voice in city government godamnit! So yeah.... I went ahead and voted for Sawant, and will cry a silent tear for the poor disenfranchised wealthy of the 3rd District.
Oct 23 bgix commented on About Bill Bradburd's Campaign Slogan.
And Seriously. Here is why SECB wants us to vote against Bill Bradburd:
1. He is NIMBY somehow (no specifics, just the dog whistle)
2. He shouldn't use his slogan (that 100s of politicians have used, some that we like, some that we don't) because he isn't Native American.

And that is some pretty weak criticism.
Oct 23 bgix commented on About Bill Bradburd's Campaign Slogan.
I think Bill Bradburd must have run over Dan Savage's puppy or something. Or someone else on the SECB. I don't think they even hate GoodSpaceGuy with as much energy as they seem to hate BB. I see them admitting the unsavory aspects of Lorena Gonzales (like her backing by the Policeman's Guild) but all we hear about Bradburd from SECB is "Nimby Nimby Nimby, look at the spoiled Nimby". No actual treatment of his actual positions.

I have to assume that at some point Bradburd hurt the feelings of one or more people on SECB, and it doesn't matter what he does from now on, because he too mean big man!
Oct 16 bgix commented on Vladimir Putin's Media War Hits the Streets of Seattle.
"not as crazy as Fox News"

That isn't a high bar. It is good to know the biases of any news source. RT might not be as crazy as Fox News, but they are every bit as biased.
Oct 2 bgix commented on Republican Who Blocked Revenge-Porn Protections Is Victim of Revenge Porn.
His picture reminds me of those horrifying pictures people like David Letterman used to show "What if they mated" where the wrong eyes and mouth are put on the wrong head. Either that, or applying a babies face to an adult man head.
Aug 6 bgix commented on Confederate Battle Flag T-Shirts for Sale in Winthrop, WA, Because "Heritage".
Ha! A bunch of us in my family go to Winthrop every year (and in a couple weeks). It is charming, and kitsch, and more than a little conservative. And not at all surprising to me that Shotgun Nellies is so clueless. In that part of the world, they might get some "sympathy shopping", but that town is so dependent on tourist dollars from Seattle, that I am hoping it hurts more than it helps.
Jul 17 bgix commented on The Stranger's Endorsements for the August 2015 Primary Election!.
Was very surprised that Bill Bradburd was not even *mentioned* in the discussion of position #9. As the most viable candidate in the race beside Police Guild and Mayor favorite Gonzales, the least you could have done is mention the reasons *why* you don't like him. Unless you fear that those same reasons will cause some to vote in his favor.

I frequently use the SECB cheat-sheet endorsement list as my go-to guide. This election it looks maybe 75% reasonable, which is well below average.
Apr 14 bgix commented on Today's Rightwing Talking Point: Hillary Clinton Is Too "Hideous" To Be Elected President.
I want Cory Booker to be Hillary's running mate. He is young, dynamic, and intelligent. And I think he would excite the base, and in 8+ years be a natural nominee-in-waiting.
Apr 13 bgix commented on Mayor Murray Lobbies Olympia Against Police Body Camera Transparency.
I'm not sure, but this sounds like an attempt to prevent overly permissive disclosure from inadvertently killing the body-cam idea. Didn't I hear somewhere that someone was regularily using the FOIA to request a copy of every single piece of cop-body-cam footage? and that it was onerous enough to make the whole idea of body-cams cost prohibitive?

I don't want body-cam footage to be so freely available that if I get stopped for something mundane, that anyone could request video of the interaction, even if they were not a party to it. If there was any controversy behind the encounter, then that is one thing... but I think there should be limits.... to protect the innocent if for no other reason.
Apr 8 bgix commented on Guest Editorial: Allow Non-Citizens to Vote in Seattle Elections.
I would support a "residence" right to vote over a "legal citizen" right to vote. However, I might also support retaining that provision from the 1850's about "intent to become a citizen".