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Feb 25 funnylittlemunki commented on Drunk of the Week.
Maybe he just has a bad UTI.
Dec 24, 2013 funnylittlemunki commented on Murray Spends More.
What is he going to cut in order to pay for that? More bus routes? Slash library hours? Close a school?
Dec 6, 2013 funnylittlemunki commented on Cop Car Clash.
Since everyone at the SPD is obviously from the PAST, let's buy them a fleet of muthafucking dinosaurs to ride around on - to and from beating random civilians and ignoring real crimes. Sounds reasonable to me.
Oct 10, 2013 funnylittlemunki commented on Cops Gone Wild!.
SPD: What a bunch of fucking amateurs.
Sep 22, 2013 funnylittlemunki commented on Race Trouble.
I think it's great advice. Let's just extend that to any kind of ignoramus (racist, sexist, doesn't believe in evolution, believes in magic sky creatures). Let's not even indulge them, just walk away from the conversation, because you're only going to be stupider and angrier after, and they are usually too dumb to understand or engage in logic anyway.
Aug 30, 2013 funnylittlemunki commented on Savage Love.
I would totally bang a finger-challenged person. We all have our own deformities, whether visible or internal. Sounds like DIMI definitely needs to choose some hobbies/activities that allow him to work up some self-esteem and self-respect, and get him to a point where he can take that courageous leap from the pity train back to reality. Sounds like maybe someone he was pining after returned his stares of affection with stares of disgust… and that has got to be the shittiest feeling in the world. Sorry DIMI, some people just suck.
Aug 5, 2013 funnylittlemunki commented on FRUIT FLY ATTACK.
Sometimes they aren't fruit flies, they are fungus gnats, that are breeding in potted plants that are usually being over watered. If you have a soggy houseplant with gnats, sprinkling a healthy layer of cinnamon (a natural fungicide) on top can help change the pH in a way that makes it harder (or impossible) for the fungus to grow in the plant that the gnats feed on. Then start watering your plant less often. For fungus gnats and fruit flies, I find the bright yellow sticky "Gnat Sticks" traps work the best. You can disguise the sticks in potted plants or behind things pretty easily - not like those nasty dangling strips of flies and tar. On Capitol Hill, the Pacific Supply store usually has them (if not, they will order them in for you).
Jul 12, 2013 funnylittlemunki commented on Savage Love.
Clam digging - it's that thing where you roll up your tongue longwise in a tube shape and plunge it in and out of her clam.
Jun 14, 2013 funnylittlemunki commented on Causing a Stink.
Put up webcams and a sign that says "Smile, you're pissing in front of a live audience". Public shaming!
May 2, 2013 funnylittlemunki commented on Seattle May Day 2013: From March to Mayhem.
Shameful… breaking the windows out of beloved local small businesses in an artsy neighborhood. That isn't anarchy or protest, it's just being an asshole. I don't care if they are street kids or rich kids or something in between, it was an asshole move.

We saw several of them run up the street and duck into Black Coffee, where the lights were out and refuge given to these criminal cowards. So now you know - Black Coffee is not a friend to the neighborhood, not a place of philosophy and mind expansion or whatever they are claiming to be, it's just a hangout for criminals. And on that note, we're really tired of them trashing the shared bathroom with Raygun games and using it to sell their bodies to eachother and shoot/snort/deal drugs. It's tacky and only proves they're a bunch of confused and immature children who need psychiatric help and rehab.

*Even worse* is that they took a day of peaceful protest and stole the news cycle from those who most needed to be heard. No excuse. Simply shameful on all fronts.

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