Jul 4, 2010 dan k. commented on Would You Like to Go Inside the Haunted Old INS Building?.
get speedy," and ready to sell".... "thoughts on wasted states of radiohead"
Jul 4, 2010 dan k. commented on Would You Like to Go Inside the Haunted Old INS Building?.
can't spell delineate?
Jul 4, 2010 dan k. commented on Would You Like to Go Inside the Haunted Old INS Building?.
you must hyper-delinate the c.
Jul 4, 2010 dan k. commented on Would You Like to Go Inside the Haunted Old INS Building?.
Jen graves...did you know that there are 7 letters from somewhere near your n to the s in Jessica McClintock?

can you hyphenate a pedal steel slide rule during algebraic miscalculation in grammatical error in spelling and designed retro enhancement?

Do you think the McCLintock's will support this art investigation?

Why do artists always get investigated when they are nothing but poor people without insurance?

If I ask enough questions will the survey chat room stop sending the signal near my phone number, which just happens to be tied into the braille tap 911 reverse symbolisticologicalsticquantifyifisdicalasmaticalolgesid-custouralameaictroudropisficastoral depository.

remember, all things peter gabriel.stop. don't. no you must stop.
stop the fight.

just be.

but not the Beatles, bee.

elvis costello... they have to stop the bee.please. for the purpose of veronica.dbk.
Jul 4, 2010 dan k. commented on What We Should Replace the Fun Forest With.
yes. the seattle center. it has, always been. about face.soon, the rain will stipulate. stop.
the art, it was mentioned here, on this page. something about a face.on the look. there. it is, no need to answer or argue. what is is this, when it visits, the art work that is, there is only this.

the stranger has templeted McLintock far too long.

Just, where is that lesson that G.W. told Becky?

Right there... where the hill stole the beaver pelt and made the world think it was a blog.

get it?

nnnnnaw... i think you'll probably just whine about the rate of return.

Feb 8, 2010 dan k. commented on Stephen Fry v. the Catholic Church.
you lose savage, because you very foolishly left your judas #13 open to ridicule bus riders who aren't thin and beautiful and a list porn stars.

once again savage, you should advocate the closing of old repackaged porn stores and get rid of all the ugly gang rape gang bang mutiple partner sex reissues and build a holistic center for wayward sex addicts who jealously build multiple advocasy programs to themselves by scrounging the dirt teams and taking advantage of young people to live vicariously through your own mistaken identities.

bravo for advocating youth sex in combination with mind altering chemicals.
Jan 25, 2010 dan k. commented on Go Ahead, Default on Your Mortgage.
your building is next on cap hill in seattle.

the stranger and the phone wars. a study on hard line mis-representation special investment cabal for anti petergabriel.com :(
Dec 29, 2009 dan k. commented on Officewatch 2009™: Evil Is Multiplying.

I'll drop off the holder soon!
Dec 29, 2009 dan k. commented on Who Will Be "Gay Grinch of the Year" for 2009?.
I saya I I hope he likes the SSSSCCCHHHHWAG I am gonna drop off there soon....

ho! ho ! ho!

Dec 28, 2009 dan k. commented on The Morning News: Marijuana, Seahawks, Iran, Stimulus Money, and Bush.
sports... it's the one rule of law where friends and enemies can cry foul and the underwriters labratories get in the way with the bookies.

acronym that succkah!lowearthorbiterandhere's jonny's shotgun.