Jul 10, 2012 mirth commented on Testaments Old & New.
I call bullshit on the letter including this bit:

"A cursory examination of the New Testament makes it clear that such a type of slavery is wrong and explicitly anti-Christian. (Matthew 7:12, Col 4:1, John 13:34.)"

Matthew 7:12 is the golden rule and John 13:34 is the command to love one another. Neither say anything specifically about slavery. In fact, both of those passages could be just as easily cited as an argument to treat homosexuals equally. Col 4:1 says to treat your slaves fairly. It doesn't say free them or to not have slaves. Take the three together and the New Testament says that slavery's fine as long as you're nice to your slaves.
Jul 4, 2012 mirth commented on SL Letter of the Day: Not Much To Say About This.
Straight guy who dislikes stripclubs here. @4 raises a good question. I'm in my mid-thirties and have only been to one strip club ever - during a bachelor party. I have to say I would have felt awfully lame if I wasn't "allowed" to enter one of the venues the bachelor party went to. It was an interesting experience and confirmed that yes, stripclubs are not for me. It might make sense to make an exception for cases like that.

Something about the original letter sounded strange. SOA seems to be getting herself into a tizzy about having this one rule, but gives no indication that the rule is actually an issue for the relationship of any sort. The boyfriend said stripclubs aren't important to him, and there doesn't seem to have been any recent discussion on the point. If it's a total nonissue for him then yes, SOA, you are being neurotic to worry about having a rule. It's good that you have clearly stated boundaries and what makes you uncomfortable.
Jun 25, 2012 mirth commented on Young Voters Are Stupid.
I don't currently live in Washington so I haven't been keeping up with politics there. Out of curiosity I went to check out Rob McKenna's webpage to find out what party he belonged to. Guess what - it isn't mentioned ANYWHERE on the main page or any of the several subpages I clicked on. I had to go to wikipedia to find out he's a Republican. Maybe that's part of his strategy to get the younger votes.
Jun 23, 2012 mirth commented on Transgender Marriage.
@35 Just to clarify, I don't think all women should move like they trained at a finishing school. I'm talking on a more subtle level. Ultra-feminine women, geeky tomboys, and butch leather dykes all read as "female" to me. That's not the case for me with a lot of transgendered women.

Physical features and muscle mass do play a role in this, but dissonance often also comes from clothing and movement choices that cys females wouldn't make. One example I've observed several times is when a trans woman wears a short skirt then sits and stands like they're in jeans. Cis women almost never do that - they are either fem and wear a skirt and stand 'right', or they're more of a tomboy and don't wear short skirts. That leads to my gut instinct of "that's a guy in a dress".
Jun 23, 2012 mirth commented on Transgender Marriage.
I am not on board with @11's aggressive attitude but, speaking as a liberal straight male, I often have trouble with gender pronouns for at least some of the male-to-female transgendered I meet because they don't seem remotely female to me. I'm not just talking about facial characteristics and muscle mass, it's also body language, clothes, posture, and speech patterns. If you don't carry yourself as a female, you will read as a male, regardless of what's been snipped. This can lead to subconscious negative reactions, sort of like uncanny valley with robotics/3d animation. I'm personally extremely hyper-vigilant about body language, so being in the presence of someone who is trans-and-bad-at-it is like someone is constantly scratching their nails on the chalkboard of my brain. I don't aggressively use "he" instead of "she", but I also find myself constructing sentences in ways to avoid having to use a gender-identifying pronoun at all.

On top of this, for me, I sometimes hang out in the burn community where cross-dressing is fairly common. Most of the burner guys in skirts class themselves as male, so transgendered women who suck at acting female then get sensitive about your use of the wrong pronoun are giant social land mines. Some transgendered folk are easy going about making mistakes like this, but others have a giant chip on their shoulder and want to pick a fight about it. Fun!

I bet that, in my life, I've met at least a couple male-to-female transgendered people that I had no clue about, and I've also met some others who I had a clue about but did a great job at coming off as a female and didn't tweak me in any the above-mentioned ways. But I also know that a significant portion of M-to-F people whom I've met may have taken hormones and had operations, but have not put in the time to learn to move properly.
Jun 11, 2012 mirth commented on By Josh Weed's Logic....
@2: exactly. and gay men should only marry lesbians - maybe the sex is mindblowing for Josh Weed, but think about his poor wife who is too distracted by his cock!
Mar 6, 2012 mirth commented on Would You Trust a Christian Scientist to Write Our Nation's Health Care Laws?.
Many currently practicing Christian Scientists use conventional health care either completely or partly. My mother was raised as a Christian Scientist in the 40's and 50's and her family's view was to allow "necessary" procedures that had obvious benefit. She received regular dental checkups, had bones properly set, and took antibiotics when needed. I believe her family avoided pain medication in most or all situations.

I'm not sure what the official party line is on health practices, but followers seem to be encouraged to come to their own conclusions about what works best for them (and to allow others to do the same). They are non-literalists about the Bible and focus on personal experience with the spiritual in a way that probably annoys most other Christian sects. They run one of the most objective newspapers it the world (The Christian Science Monitor) and strongly believe in the separation of Church and State. I would be shocked if a Christian Scientist in any political position tried to push a medical agenda based on making others conform to their religious beliefs.
Jan 21, 2012 mirth commented on Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. KISS vs. the Doors: Who Is the Worst?.
The Doors would be awesome if it wasn't for that damn jazz organ.
Jan 17, 2012 mirth commented on Without Wikipedia, where will the plagiarists go?.
I am shocked, shocked to discover that people might be plagiarizing using the internet.

(It's only for one day; they'll survive.)
Mar 29, 2011 mirth commented on The Daily Show On Corporate Taxes.
@2: A lot of this seems to come from the transformation of nightly news into entertainment. Events on reality TV shows end up getting important time in news segments. Sadly, this makes the news ratings higher.

The Daily Show ends up making more serious news commentary because they're allowed to be non-objective. They can make fun of real events, so they actually end up talking about them. Talking about those events objectively scares the masses.