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Nov 2, 2012 Echo HIll commented on This Week in Health Department Disciplinary Announcements.
You should check out the legal disciplinary pages sometime. There's some crazy stuff there too.
Oct 25, 2012 Echo HIll commented on The Two Faces of Gael Tarleton.
So nice to see some real reporting. Thank you Brendan.

We have some dysfunctional public institutions in this state but the Port really takes the cake. How telling that the person proclaiming herself its reformer is one of its biggest enablers.
Oct 25, 2012 Echo HIll commented on The Two Faces of Gael Tarleton.
The Times came out with it story on the race today. It appears the Stranger is earning its moniker 'Seattle's only newspaper'. The Time just takes juggles quotes and talking points from the two campaign. Brendan's doing actual reporting. Damn nice to write.

And important, if Tarleton wins this race, Seattle will be stuck with a wolf in sheep's clothing as our representative for years.
Sep 25, 2012 Echo HIll commented on Sierra Club Slams Gael Tarleton on Port Pollution.

The 36th should be sending someone to Olympia who is a clear progressive champion, someone who can safely push strong legislation and move the whole legislature on key issues like protecting Puget Sound and creating good jobs. As a commissioner, Tarleton has clearly pissed off progressives like the Sierra Club in the areas she has actually had to legislate. If she ever gets to Olympia, the chances are high we'll be seeing similar declarations from activists for women's rights, transportation alternatives, marijuana legalization and more.
Sep 20, 2012 Echo HIll commented on Is a Teamsters Spokesperson Distorting Gael Tarleton's Record?.
So Tarleton's campaign is attacking Weiner for showing up at her own precinct and having an opinion. More ignorant voters is exactly what we need.

Tarleton's just pissed that Weiner can actually convince people with unfair facts. Good to see she's choosing to shoot the messenger. That's such a winning strategy. Actually, given how out of step on policy instead of smooth talking she sounds with the voters in the 36th maybe it is her best option.
Sep 11, 2012 Echo HIll commented on Port's Board May Advance Probe of Their Own CEO, While the CEO Stays Away.
Finally some sunshine at the Port. Thanks for helping that along. This seems just like the good ol' days of Dinsmore and Davis, backscratching their way through the public fisc.

But can't the Commission do something better bring on a Port-hired gun who'll delay, delay until the problem goes away? Get rid of the guy already.
Aug 15, 2012 Echo HIll commented on Port of Seattle Email Calls Port's Job Creation Numbers "Pie in the Sky".
So who is telling Yoshitani what to do? It isn't a commissioner. So what private player has that power?
Jun 7, 2012 Echo HIll commented on Could a Sodo Arena Sink the Port of Seattle?.
The Port should get its own house in order before barking so loudly about the stadium proposal.

The trucking system the Port has set up is a disaster. The pay-by-the-load, fake independent contractor system - detailed in the Stranger, the Times, King 5, ... - creates rushes of traffic and significant dead time (and unsafe trucks and pollution and ...) Fixing this would make container movement to the railyards and warehouses much more efficient freeing up capacity for more containers and other traffic. But the Port's dead set against it because the mega-shippers like Walmart are against it but it would mean actually paying the people who driver those trucks. (and oh yeah, those jobs the Port keeps talking about alot of them suck. bad.)

Vancouver had the same kinds of truck traffic problems when its Port was expanding six years ago. They managed to solve it but fixing the system. The Port's mode at this port seems to be whining instead.
Sep 16, 2011 Echo HIll commented on An Open Letter to Captain Mike Moore, Vice President of the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association.
Capt. Moore's motivation is simpler than all this. The Port of Seattle has always been extremely attentive to the constituency he represents, big shippers like Maersk, big terminal operators like SSA Marine and big retailers like Walmart. While unions have played in the elections and catch a lot of grief, the Port's rarely done much for them. Its like the results of the Citizens United decision, business and unions get theoretically equal treatment but in fact businesses rule the roost under the rules.

Capt. Moore thinks the system works because it works for him and his. The recent showering of SSA Marine with millions in rent breaks is just one example. Meanwhile, Moore's article came out as unions, faith, environmental and community leaders were all protesting outside a big port meeting. They're outside because they aren't even invited to the discussions that matter.

In truth, the California system of mayoral appointments has made the ports much more responsive to community concerns than Washington's ports even though it is the local communities here that have created the ports, giving them extraordinary legal powers and taxing authority. Our ports utter lack of responsiveness is something the state legislature ought to do something about because the elected port commissioners sure aren't.
Sep 13, 2011 Echo HIll commented on Activists Prank Port Convention.


Calling Yoshitani the CEO tells you who the commissioners think the Port is for. Yes, absolutely, he should have a salary in line with other public officials but there's more that needs to be done to keep the Port in line because the Port Commissioners sure aren't.