Oct 26, 2015 gerwitz commented on To the Sad Owner of a Capitol Hill Town House.
Sad Town House Lady (STHL) is my "neighbor". I put "neighbor" in square quotes because neither of us live there.

My wife and I currently live in Amsterdam and rent out our townhouse in STHL's four-pack. There are neighbors nearby, also in 21st-century buildings, who resented our 4-pack because it was too modern and dense for the character of their neighborhood when it was built in 2008.

STHL bought her townhome in 2014. She currently lives in Bellevue and rents hers out as well. Based on her testimony, I guess this is an emotional issue for her because all those UPS trucks are going to make the street less like nice, quiet Bellevue.

I also find this an emotional issue, and hope for increased density to make it feel more like vibrant, bustling Amsterdam.

The real shame, here, is that the City tries to make everyone happy instead of clearly deciding and communicating the intended character for neighborhoods. It's unlikely that STHL and I would have chosen the same street in a more explicitly planned city.
Jun 6, 2013 gerwitz commented on The Greatest Country in the World Does Not Have Time for its Lower Class Workers to Take Vacation.
Threads like this are why we need Comment Certification to prevent people who have never lived outside the US from mansplaining how the world works.
Jun 26, 2012 gerwitz commented on Conlin Thinks the Arena Deal Is Dead.
"Among people who actually vote" is an interesting qualification. Do you think the desires of the citizenry at large differs greatly from the active electorate? And if so, which should our leadership be serving the interests of, ideally?
Sep 14, 2011 gerwitz commented on Okay, Fine, It's War.
@16 My experience living in Munich runs counter to your forecast that hostile weather will prevent mass adoption of cycling for commuting.
Their gas prices went up, they blanketed their city with bike lanes, and so many people switched to bikes, even in hostile winters, that gridlock practically disappeared. (At least until FC Bayern wins an important match.)

Perhaps we should give infrastructure a shot.

@18 I've contemplated spurs. If respect for human life isn't motivation enough to give 3 feet, maybe fear for your precious paint job would be.

(I used to drive not only for transportation, but also for sport. But years of a car-free life led to an appreciation for the damage automobile dependance does to our culture. Recently, hostile driver behavior and the death of a friend easily dismissed with the "I didn't see him" defense has me ready to take up arms in this war.)
May 27, 2011 gerwitz commented on There Is No "War On Cars".
Where can I sign up as a foot soldier in this war?

Will I get to drive a tank?
Nov 26, 2010 gerwitz commented on Campaign Filed to Challenge Tunnel in 2011.
The organizer that filed for this has a very compelling website. http://scotbrannon.net/
Oct 1, 2010 gerwitz commented on There Will Be a Cutting-Edge "Flash Mob" Tomorrow at Noon.
Let's have an online flashmob, where we all descend on an article about something totally harmless and dump our curmudgeonly, passive aggressive judgement on it from the comment thread.
Aug 1, 2009 gerwitz commented on They'll Leave the Light on For You.
We need a phrase for that.
What's wrong with "pleads the question"?