Dec 10, 2014 Risley commented on SL Letter of the Day: Some Ladies Hate Their Labia—And That's Okay—Plus ALL CAPS Oral Rage!.
As a Lesbian, I found this whole article...I'm not sure. I have a strong and loving relationship with my lady garden and I would hope that all women would...well not with my lady garden, but their own...of course I am willing to share my lady garden with select master gardeners. I am going to have to do an independent study and look at more vaginas to see if I am missing something...but I am pretty sure I have done thorough research on the subject matter, but I am willing to do more in the name of women's studies.
Treasure the labia and it shall always spring forth a fountain of love.
Aug 27, 2011 Risley commented on I Would Like You to Know My Name.
My birthday is July the 18th and I woke up that year to this story, something that haappen to other lesbians and I followed it closely ever since and when it was finally over (as over as it can be) I felt the same way, that somehow when Kalebu was found quilty and went away for ever Teresa could come back and the universe would have righted itself. Justice, doesn't feel like justice somehow if it doesn't work that way, that is one of the really big flaws in reality.
Jun 23, 2011 Risley commented on Isaiah Kalebu Will Not Plead "Diminished Capacity" in the South Park Rapes and Murder.
They have something up their sleeve that is going to come out and be outrageous.
Jun 21, 2011 Risley commented on At the Kalebu Trial, an Attack Too Brutal for Most Local Reporters to Fully Describe.
When they roll him into the trial or when he walked in he made the comment something to the effect of why are they going through the trial everyone says he is crazy....that is going to be his lawyer's defense and I am not sure after looking at all the evidence and the brutality of this man's actions how his lawyer could even utter one word in any sort of defense.
Aug 2, 2009 Risley commented on Thou Shalt Take Thy Bipolar Medication?.
#4 This is a post about something cute and gay...but she was murdered. The problem with society is everyone freaks out about the topic of what to do with people who are so mentally ill that they are capable of such an act of what happen to cute and gay. Personally I don't have a problem with hanging him. I think it would be the humane thing to do for him in fact. Think about what goes on in that tortured mind everday...once he is gone you can dance around the friggen maypole.
Aug 1, 2009 Risley commented on How Teresa Butz Fought Back.
I have one more thing to add, why don't people sleep with baseball bats by the side of their beds? An 8 iron? something that they can fight back with. People think these things never could happen to them and yet we read where it happens all the time...I think it is wise to have some way of protecting yourself. I am pretty sure counseling for shooting an intruder is not as bad as counseling for your rape, stabbing and death of your partner before your very eyes.
Aug 1, 2009 Risley commented on How Teresa Butz Fought Back.
I have talked to many about this case and people who I know that are strong advocates against the death penalty blurt out this guy should die. I could not even come up with one good reason, one lame reason, why this piece of filth should be allowed to live. He not only killed T.B. there is some strong possibility he killed his aunt and her boy friend.

Seriously any of you people who raise their voices in protest of the death penalty for this "man" put your child in T.B.'s place and her partners and then tell me you would feel the same way. It is easy to say no when it does not hit your home..isn't it?