Mar 20 RDPence commented on Today in Hard-Hitting Investigative Journalism: Is that Beer Really a Pint?.
Anyone deliberately selling Pints that are less than 16 ounces is committing consumer fraud. We don't need a new law or ordinance to say that a Pint is 16 ounces; it already is.
Mar 19 RDPence commented on A Ride the Ducks Truck Smashes Into Yet Another Car.
Revoke the Ducks operating permit. Immediately.
Mar 7 RDPence commented on New CIA Leak Reveals that Wikileaks Could Be a Department of the KGB.
You're just now figuring this out? Obvious for a year now; Wikileaks is a subsidiary of the Russian government.
Mar 3 RDPence commented on Teatro ZinZanni's Last-Ditch Efforts to Stay in Their Space Have Failed, and Their March 5 Show Will Be Their Last.
Casting blame on Seattle Opera is lame and sad. From the beginning, Teatro ZinZanni knew the deal they were in, and they failed to adequately plan ahead. Perhaps failure was inevitable, but it's still not Seattle Opera's fault.
Mar 2 RDPence commented on The Morning News: Top Swedish Neurosurgeon Resigns, Family of Hanged Muslim Teen Requests FBI Investigation.
The mayor is proposing a tax of $1.35 on a 2-liter bottle of soda.
Feb 28 RDPence commented on All Washington State Republicans Voted Against Requesting Trump's Tax Returns.
There's no separating Donald Trump from our four Republican members of Congress. Come election day, they will have to answer for their blind support of the Trump agenda.
Feb 27 RDPence commented on Over ACLU Objections, Seattle Moves Forward with Police Body Cameras.
I still can't imagine a witness to a serious crime giving a statement to police while being recorded by a police bodycam. Not when the perp's family can get that same video via public disclosure request.
Feb 13 RDPence commented on The Morning News: Seattle Cannot Be a Sanctuary City Without Affordable Housing, Migrants Heading to Canada.
Your housing comments ignore the missing middle. Those middle-class, middle-income folks who can't afford market rate housing, but are too "rich" to qualify for subsidized ("affordable") housing. Their only option appears to be moving to the suburbs.
Feb 7 RDPence commented on Help Shape Seattle Equitably—Join the City's Community Involvement Commission!.
White middle-class homeowners need not apply?
Jan 28 RDPence commented on Senator Maria Cantwell on Betsy DeVos: "I Will Be Voting NO".
I spoke with Maria at the Womxn's March last weekend; people were lobbying her to oppose DeVos. "We can't let her be confirmed" one woman told Sen. Cantwell.