9:05 AM yesterday RDPence commented on The Stranger's Endorsements for the November 2016 General Election.
@7 and 21, after the atrocities that have been committed by mentally ill people (Cafe Racer an egregious local example), it's hard to make the case that mentally ill people maintain an unfettered right to keep and bear arms. I'd rather we err on the side of public safety.
Oct 18 RDPence commented on The Strange Phenomenon of Women Who Vote Trump.
The only women for Trump I see or hear about are White. Any women of color doing this?
Sep 22 RDPence commented on The Morning News: Seattle Used to Have Sex, Portlanders Suffer from White Guilt.
@14, unfortunately the 6-packs going up on L zoned lots are going for $700K+ each. Starter homes but not starter prices. Like I said, to the 'burbs with us.
Sep 22 RDPence commented on The Morning News: Seattle Used to Have Sex, Portlanders Suffer from White Guilt.
Nobody is building housing in Seattle for the middle class -- people too "rich" for subsidized ("affordable") housing and not rich enough for market rate housing. Our only choice is the suburbs.
Sep 20 RDPence commented on Watch Senator Elizabeth Warren's Splendid Takedown of "Gutless" Wells Fargo Executive.
I wonder how many accounts Wells Fargo is losing this month. Anybody with two brain cells working should be moving their accounts -- all of them -- to a credit union. We've been with Wash. State Employees CU for years and couldn't be happier. None of this BS at all. The accounts we need and nothing more, and no pressure, ever.
Sep 12 RDPence commented on The Morning News: Seattle Remembers 9/11 and Slain Woodcarver, Hillary Clinton Scrutinized for Taking Sick Days.
The alt right has subsumed the GOP as we once knew it, and they feel free to operate in a fact-free zone. The truth of Clinton's health doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is what they choose to pluck out of the air and throw at her.
Sep 10 RDPence commented on Crude Anti-Obama Stickers Seen on Lockers During Tour of Police North Precinct.
Most Seattle cops live in the suburbs, quite often the distant suburbs, where the political climate is a bit different.
Aug 24 RDPence commented on We Saw You Riding Horses Outside a New Apartment Building, Rapping at Seattle Center, and Laughing at Hempfest.
Please advise where the QFC store on Beacon Hill is located. Living on the hill for 25+ years, the nearest QFC I know is in Rainier Valley, on Rainier Ave.
Aug 17 RDPence commented on Local Chefs Say That They Are Getting Booted From Their Commissary Kitchen Because Of Amazon.
Businesses of all sizes: Leases Are Your Friend
Aug 15 RDPence commented on The Morning News: A Seattle Restaurant Update, State Races in General Election Likely Neck and Neck, and Milwaukee Protests.
"former State Representative Brady PiƱero Walkinshaw" When did he resign his seat in the house? Last I heard, he was still a state representative.