11:31 AM RDPence commented on Hey, Bill Bryant. Your Party Is Going Nuts Over #Brexit. You?.
There are only two kinds of Republicans -- those that denounce Trump and pledge never to vote for him, and all the others who through action or inaction are entirely comfortable with Trump in the White House. Bill Bryant is firmly rooted in this latter group.
Jun 22 RDPence commented on Bernie Sanders Joins House Reps at Sit-In for Gun Violence.
@6, at first, I was sure you were tongue-in-cheek, but given your length, it sounds like you are truly consumed with Sanders as a cult of personality. Hopefully you will wake up in a few days when Bernie endorses Hillary.
Jun 17 RDPence commented on Block Party at The Station Just Politely Told the Mayor to Piss Off.
As a 27-year Beacon Hiller, I have to say this is embarrassing. Most everyone on the hill is far more gracious than those quoted here.
Jun 17 RDPence commented on Bernie Sanders Is Still Running for President.
His followers should file to run of public office? This is the middle of June already. In WA the filing date to get your name on the ballot has long passed. And in any state, credible campaigns rarely begin this late in the political season. Just rhetorical noise from the Bern.
Jun 10 RDPence commented on Four Cafes Where the Food Is Much Better Than It Needs to Be.
I'm looking for the Seattle equivalent to the Tin Shed in Portland. We spent Memorial Day weekend in the city and had two wonderful meals there. http://tinshedgardencafe.com
Jun 10 RDPence commented on ICYMI: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Endorses Hillary Clinton.
What this proves is that Elizabeth Warren can count. Something the math-challenged Bernie-ites have had difficulty with the last couple months.
Jun 6 RDPence commented on AP Just Called the Democratic Nomination for Clinton.
Media are just doing the math. Not that hard, except for the one running in second place.
Jun 6 RDPence commented on Hillary Clinton Has Already Won the Democratic Nomination.
Bernie said he would be in the fight until the last vote is counted. The last vote will be counted next Tuesday at the DC primary. Then he should graciously offer his support to the winner of the primary process, just as Hillary did 8 years ago.

If he doesn't, he will prove his campaign is no longer about his issues but rather his ego. And that would be unfortunate.
Jun 3 RDPence commented on Sound Transit Board Approves Changes to ST3 to Speed Up Light Rail Projects.
Light rail to Everett and Tacoma makes sense if you broaden your focus beyond Seattle-centric commute trips. Those two cities are growing and can grow some more, as can the urban villages around intermediate stations.

With major destinations in those cities, trains can haul commuters in both directions. Rail transit can and will stimulate more higher-density development in those two cities.