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Jul 24, 2013 Swanky Modes commented on What She Said: Amanda Hess on Anthony Weiner.
@40 & 44: agreed. Clearly it's a "thing" for him and if he gets his thrills from sexting with willing participants - who cares? It would be refreshing to just have him admit it and like last weeks' Kinked Twink simply say, "I had a blast". I haven't seen the text of his chats, but I don't imagine they are any more shocking than anything in Fifty Shades, and yet we're all supposed to be clutching our pearls and having palpitations. All those higher level politicians are fucked up and we all know it, but still want to be in denial.
Nov 7, 2011 Swanky Modes commented on SECB Fucks Up School Board Endorsement!!.
If you guys had been paying attention, you'd have realized that HMM had checked out a looong time ago. Well, better late than never - unless it's too late for people to change their votes.
Sep 1, 2011 Swanky Modes commented on Deeply Embarrassed White People Talk Awkwardly About Race.
@111: You are correct in asserting that you can't hide your skin color the way you could conceal your sexual orientation. But, if you are referring to my comment @102 and the following comment @103; I am not trying to draw parallels between racism and homophobia. I am trying to point out that a thought does not equate to a crime. Having a racist thought, particularly an unconscious thought fueled by years of conditioning, does not necessarily make you a racist anymore than having daydreams about murdering your boss makes you a murderer, or having rape fantasies makes you a rapist.
Aug 31, 2011 Swanky Modes commented on Deeply Embarrassed White People Talk Awkwardly About Race.
So I throw it out there: "Raise your hand if you're a racist [...] You've never had a negative thought based on racial bias?" I ask.

I enjoyed this piece and while I understand what you are driving at when you pose this question, I have a hard time equating something as simple as a thought with the label of racism. Sure, the blood of our country runs red with racism, racism is embedded in our institutions and society, and no one among us has never had a negative thought based on race. Still it seems to me that if everyone can be labelled a racist, then the label loses some of its usefulness.

I might have the occasional homoerotic thought, but I don't think anyone would label me a homosexual because of it. Alternately, I have let slip the occasional homophobic slur (e.g. "that's so gay"), but I can assure you that I'm no homophobe.

It is important to realize that many of our thoughts and impulses are conditioned. If I feel suspicious or hostile towards a person (e.g. the urge to lock your car door when passing certain folks) and can find no honest justification for it besides race, then I will freely acknowledge that "I just had a racist thought", but I am not about to label myself a racist if I do not act on that impulse or even go out of my way to counter that impulse.

Besides, some of my favorite relatives are black and/or gay. ;)
Jul 28, 2011 Swanky Modes commented on HUMP! 7 Call For Submissions, News About This Year's HUMP! Awards.
A year or two ago, they said they were interested in more femdom and pegging. Did they get more or is that genre still still lacking submissions? I'm wondering if I could get my sweetie to work up an entry

What has the production quality been like in the past? It's hard to imagine getting someone else to shoot us.
Mar 1, 2011 Swanky Modes commented on I Just Called Silas Potter in Tampa, Fla. ....
Oh, and if you can't make the school board meeting tomorrow, be sure and catch it live tomorrow at 6pm on channel 26. The public testimony alone will make it one of the more entertaining public meetings of the year. Don't forget the buttered popcorn!
Mar 1, 2011 Swanky Modes commented on I Just Called Silas Potter in Tampa, Fla. ....
Get your fun Potter-gate Posters here!

Perfect for taking to school board meetings (like the one tomorrow), hanging in your cubicle or sharing with your friends!

Potter-gate Three: http://tinyurl.com/4w5ajvf
School Board Five: http://tinyurl.com/4zsvrrd

Larger pdfs at: http://saveseattleschools.blogspot.com/2…
Jun 4, 2010 Swanky Modes commented on My Daughter, Her Hair, and the Seattle School District.
If you know more, then tell us, fer cryin' out loud! If you don't or can't, then shut up about it already. Otherwise it's just you asserting that you are right because you have facts that you won't tell us.

I know something you don't nyah-nyah-nyah.
Jun 4, 2010 Swanky Modes commented on My Daughter, Her Hair, and the Seattle School District.
I'm a little disappointed in Mr. Mudede. When APP was in the throes of the split in the Fall of '08, I had hoped that he might use his platform to discuss the pros and cons of the split - coming from his unique perspective. Whether pro or con, I would have been interested in what he had to say; it would have either refuted the assertions of a vocal minority who favored the split or supported those who wished to keep the cohort intact for reasons not motivated by racism/classism.

How unfortunate that his only public discussion of the program that his child participates in has to do with this hair product allergy and perceived racism. It just smacks of one more jab at the "racist" APP program.

We don't know if the teacher/student/parents had a history of negative interactions prior to this, if the teacher had asked the student to stop wearing the product prior to the incident (some accounts suggest this), or if there was an APP classroom she could have been moved to instead of a Gen. Ed. class (some have said there is another APP class at the same grade), if the teacher has called attention to her allergies/chemical sensitivities or asked other students to stop using a product or leave the classroom. I'm all for rooting out racism where it exists, but I'm not ready to crucify this teacher without more info.

It sounds like the whole thing could have been better handled by all parties involved.
Aug 5, 2009 Swanky Modes commented on Endorsements.
Yeah, I didn't give a rat's ass about the School Board until I had kids in the system either. Now it's more important to me than the city council. Hasn't the Stranger staff started aging and having kids? Dan Savage? Charles Mudede? I'm sure there are others. Are you letting the twenty-nothings and college interns handle the endorsements these days?

I love Mary Bass, bless her heart, but got really disheartened seeing her on the losing side of 6-1 and 5-2 votes along with Harium Martin-Morris. Harium should be on notice, as well if he can't find an effective coalition on the board. I'm hoping that some fresh faces will provide that opportunity. I'm leaning towards Charlie Mas and Andre Helmstetter.

I don't see how the board can sleep at night with the trail of broken promises and busted math curriculum they have following in their wake. Call Charlie an obsessive wonk, but I can tell he lies awake at night contemplating how to get SPS to be accountable for a change. That's the kind of guy I want working for me.