Feb 8, 2012 rlv commented on Liveblogging the Washington State House Debate and Vote on IN FAVOR OF GAY MARRIAGE.
A florist who turns down business in this economy won't be a florist for long, anyway.
Jun 14, 2011 rlv commented on Does It Get Better for the Members of the West Bend School Board?.
That's fantastic to hear. I grew up in another small Wisconsin town not far from there, and getting the group organized would be hard enough without hatetards making it even more difficult.

Funny/bizarre/not-really-related side note: West Bend East and West Bend West high schools are both housed in the same building. A line of paint in a hallway is what divides West Bend East High from West Bend West High.

Nope, still have no idea why they did that - it always puzzled all the other schools around them.

Apr 7, 2011 rlv commented on Fuckity-Fuck-Fuck-Fuck Wisconsin.
There are not enough swear words in the English language today, really.
Mar 11, 2011 rlv commented on God Shields Washington from Tsunami's Worst.
According to an update from RPIN, a small remnant of the tsunami did reach Seattle:


Feb 18, 2011 rlv commented on Wisconsin Dems to Walk Out Until Governor Sits Down.
If you haven't seen it, here's video of Walker being interviewed earlier today by the editorial board of local CBS affiliate WISC:

Feb 17, 2011 rlv commented on Wisconsin Democratic Senators Walk Out, Denying GOP a Budget Quorum.
He's been threatening to call in the National Guard for the past week, which is part of what angered so many folks and sent them into the streets. This call to the National Guard is just a continuation of that, one that veterans groups are trying to counteract by reaching out to the NG members and asking them to refuse to get involved.
Feb 17, 2011 rlv commented on Wisconsin Democratic Senators Walk Out, Denying GOP a Budget Quorum.
Thus far, the police have refused to look to the senators, and calls to Department of Natural Resources officers for help have also gone unheeded.

This entertaining bit has popped up in the past few hours:

Oct 13, 2010 rlv commented on The Way Buying Liquor Ought to Be.
@AmyC - one major difference between WA and WI is Wisconsin's Tavern League (http://www.tlw.org/public/about.shtml), which is one of the strongest lobby groups in the state.

If Washington has that powerful of a liquor lobby, I'm not aware of it, despite having several friends who run bars and restaurants.

Sep 23, 2010 rlv commented on Gay Teenager Kills Himself In Wisconsin.
Here's hoping that the Lawrence LGBT group is still running strong and playing a part in this -- with the cafe being on the east edge of campus, I can't imagine they aren't partially behind this effort.
Jul 8, 2010 rlv commented on Seattle Ducks Stay Afloat While "Ride the Ducks" Operations Are Suspended Nationwide.
@kitschnsync Nope, the WWII Ducks are used in the Wisconsin Dells, too, for tours on the Wisconsin River.


$#@#!# things always broke down, because they run on WWII era parts held together with paperclips and a prayer.