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Aug 26 caution&daring commented on SL Letter of the Day: Dude, Take My Free Advice!.
The best thing about this comment thread is how people create conflict and argument out of NOTHING. They are magicians!
Aug 18 caution&daring commented on On the Popularity of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight and the Limits of Satire.
Very thoughtful comment. Thx.
I don't have a TV but I have seen Colbert and Stewart (& Maddow) and they are obviously extremely talented but I have never really found them that compelling. Maybe they laugh too much -- or rather, they try to make us laugh. It's a somewhat similar discomfort I had with Robin Williams -- just not everything is hilarious. Even remotely.
Aug 17 caution&daring commented on The Saturday Morning News.
Go away,asshole.
Your comment about Phoebe very stupid.
Aug 15 caution&daring commented on King County Sheriff Removes Barton Family from West Seattle House.
It would be nice to hear a real, fact-filled story about how the Bartons got into trouble and what the lender had (allegedly) done wrong.

But no, that might change the Stranger socialist narrative of capitalist pigs vs. poor working class heroes.

Aug 14 caution&daring commented on In Culture News: #IfTheyGunnedMeDown, Gold-Spackled Sidewalks, and the Orwell Estate Accuses Amazon of "Doublespeak".
The title is only one which an arts bureaucrat could love:
"Conversation on Art, Race, Responsibility, and Freedom".
And the description is fittingly opaque.
At first glance someone had some extra budget $$$ and had to spend it so make up a meaningless totally vapid event.
Aug 14 caution&daring commented on Why Did Mayor Murray Bash a Veteran's Family After Intervening to Stop Their Eviction?.
This matter has been covered in comments on Slog in earlier posts and it sounds like the Bartons are either scammers or extremely poor money managers.

Ansel should be reporting on the underlying facts of the foreclosure.
Aug 14 caution&daring commented on An Open Dialogue About Sexuality.
How do you know that she is not serious?
Aug 12 caution&daring commented on Feeling Nothing About the Death of Robin Williams?.
I like @43 the best of all comments so far.

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