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Oct 28, 2012 mikey commented on The Stranger Election Control Board’s Endorsements For the November 6, 2012, General Election.
The waterfront can slide into the Puget Sound, I can care less. I rarely can make it there because of traffic and no parking. All other forms of transport is a joke in this city. So slide waterfront slide!
Sep 28, 2012 mikey commented on Get Rid of Kathryn Olson.
It's really amazing how Americans are scared of police. We are so obedient and always tell our loved ones not to talk about it and to be carefull with police as if they are predators. But when it comes to events of national significance, there is never a word about police brutality and corruption. Not a word about it in our big media or at the presidential debates.. etc.. This is so pathetic how people are scared and censored to talk about police in this country... and how quickly those who do get silenced. You can only hear about these issues on foreign media like RT or in underground outlets as this one... All corporate big media will never touch these stories. We must be the greatest hypocrisy in the history of civilization.
Sep 28, 2012 mikey commented on Get Rid of Kathryn Olson.
Welcome to America. FreeDOOM and hypocrisy in full force for the world to laugh at. This is an overdue article, but i understand the fear of many journalists in this 'free' country. The police has unbelievable rights and powers that most people do not have and dealing with them requires a lot of money. You can pretty much lose everything you have just by suing police over some little dispute in this country. Police is just dangerous here, only the rich can deal with them. If I was this woman, i would've probably killed myself by now... I wouldn't be able to live with myself... but she is not even resigning! Wow, talking about ambitious money hungry selfish parasites! Put liens on her assets and properties and give it back to the taxpayers. Lets see her fight for it with a public defender so we can laugh at her when she will be kicked out of court like a dog. That's right, put people like this through the system that they are protecting... I am really trying to be nice here... had to choose nice words.
Aug 10, 2012 mikey commented on Will the Bike Lobby Abandon the Mayor?.
Oh the old money rich seattle bicyclists. Stop poor commuters! slow down crowded buses! a rich lawyered up bicyclist is creeping and wants to play!

How about bicycle lanes on I-5?! Please!!!! In fact lets send all the bike lanes to the freeways so they don't come back and slow down buses and drivers who can barely make ends meet. it's a myth that people who drive have money. Most of the commuter drivers here are living desperate miserable lives of paycheck to payday loan to eviction notice, while this 'club' is buying politicians and making the life of the poor even more hell.
Jun 25, 2012 mikey commented on Video of an SPD Officer Bragging about Breaking a Nightstick on Someone.
It gets even more 'better'. Seattle police dressed like terminators attacking the Gay Pride street party on Capitol Hill. Cops grab people from sidewalks, then peeper spray them , then arrest them and lie shamelessly... It's weird, but there were fights with weapons between really violent suburban teens at the Seattle Center and the cops didn't do much about it. Here on Capitol Hill they deployed an army of combat soldiers! For what?! to fights drunk gays who are not hurting anyone?
Jan 21, 2012 mikey commented on Off-Duty Officers Brawl with Neighbours Security.
It just doesn't matter what cops say since they have unbelievable legal protections, money, and union protections that security guards and the rest of the taxpayers do not have. Only fools listen to cops today. It's the same story over and over about hero cops getting attacked as if they are pregnant or elderly. just totally pathetic! The only people that can side with cops in America today are the ones who they feed, breed, and bail out. You can't logically have sympathy for people who have so much more legal protections than you... This story should remind us that pig are pigs regardless if they are black, latino, white, or gay. Their union(guild) is making sure they hire enough minorities so DOJ and FBI can't bust them for discrimination like the old days. The monster is evolving...
Nov 9, 2011 mikey commented on Election 2011: Winners and Losers.
SEIU sponsored1163 is a terrible trick that the Stranger fell for indeed, as well as the rest of ignorant voters. Unions are just as bad as corporation if not even worse. Haven't we learned for the police union?! The last time SEIU sponsored an initiative and it passed, all family caregivers were forced to join this union, which meant accepting pay cuts, union dues deduction, and changing to a crappy health insurance. Some were even disqualified to take care of their family members... Now it will be even more torture for families. I feel bad for all of the disabled folks, especially children and elderly who will lose their care from a loved one.
Nov 8, 2011 mikey commented on Shit Is Fucked Up and Bullshit, But 
Here Are the Stranger Election Control Board's Endorsements for the November 8, 2011, General Election.
Some post offices have machines that can produce stamps with a date on it, so if it's after 5pm you still can get your ballot counted since it will be post marked with today's date. ALSO there are a lot of drop boxes where u can drop off your ballot without a stamp! here: http://www.kingcounty.gov/elections/voti…

Vote for police accountability reformers: Ferguson, Pusey, Schraer, and Forch! and unseat all of the police endorsed incumbents on the city council! Same for the school board, unseat all of the dysfunctional incumbents!
Nov 6, 2011 mikey commented on Shit Is Fucked Up and Bullshit, But 
Here Are the Stranger Election Control Board's Endorsements for the November 8, 2011, General Election.
@87 or bugjah, you can research the challengers like an intelligent person. Many new candidates do not have enough exposure because they do not have so much money as Clarks, Harrells, Burgeses, and Rusmussins, etc. If you go to forums and read what new candidates say you might learn a thing or two. I went to a number of forums and googled the election issues outside of the stranger-publicola nonsense that is written by some spoiled lazy college fund kids who are trailing behind the Occupy Movement now only because it made to the mainstream media. What I found is that Dian Ferguson and David Schraer for example go into great details to explain inefficiencies in our building codes and tax loopholes for developers under Sally Clark. That Clark's committee updated the code to allow developers to build bedrooms without windows and sell them as bedrooms! and that the money from the housing levy is funding developers of apartments where a studio rents at $974/m and is defined as 'affordable' by Clark and other incumbents.

But nothing is more important than to see the challengers talk about police accountability and how passionate and radical they are! To have the system that we have now, where people can not investigate the police unless they can hire a $20k lawyer, even if they just want to make a simple inquiry, paints incumbents as corrupt and bought by the police union, which they are. Clark, Harrell, and Rusmusen all endorsed by the police guild, an organization that has absolute control over taxpayers financially and legally. Current council members have done nothing to prevent this abuse of power for years and now they even got endorsed by the mob! Ferguson, Schraer and Pusey have a very strong platform on police accountability, calling for serious changes to the dysfunctional scam called OPA, that doesn't work unless you hire a high profile lawyer, meaning justice works only for the rich in this city. Recently it took nearly$60K for a citizen to make simple inquiries into the police department about the dashboard cam videos. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/lo… $60K!!!! Why are we even funding an organization that has so much legal and physical power over us? So please vote for reformers like Ferguson, Schraer, and Pusey! The stranger is doing a huge disservice to the people of seattle by sloppy articles like this by making it look like challengers are not serious or unqualified without even talking to them or looking into the issues that they bring up. Shame on the Stranger.
Nov 3, 2011 mikey commented on Videos of Today's Arrests at Chase Bank and the Ensuing Skirmishes (with Pepper Spray!) in the Streets.
Police is instigating the violence as always... Pulling people from the crowd and arresting them just to show off their enormous powers that they have over citizens. Of course these protesters will be angry at police after this! Old way of scaring Americans who are following the constitution are less and less effective. American police unions are mobs, there can not be any sympathy for absolute powers, regardless what they do!
Make sure you vote this elections! ALL council incumbents are endorsed(bought) by the Seattle Police Guild. An absolute power doesn't need so much voice on the city council!!! People have no rights when it comes to police unless they have money to hire a $20k lawyer?! This is freedom and democracy?! The world is laughing at us!
Vote for radical police reformers like Dian Ferguson, David Schraer, and Dale Pusey! Get rid of police guild endorsed incumbents like Sally Clark and other police union darlings!

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