Aug 28, 2013 lblah commented on SL Letter of the Day: Help a Bi Guy Out, Seattle?.
Center For Sex-Positive Culture.

OK Cupid.

Both are often mocked by lots of people, but they're fabulous places. CSPC has a whole range of amazing people, some of whom you'll click with and some of whom you'll think "woah, your kink is way beyond mine" but everyone is ultra open-minded and won't give you shit for being bi.

OKCupid... yeah, online dating site, and heavily populated by great bi, poly, kinky, etc people in Seattle.

Don't expect to walk into some place and have everyone in the place be EXACTLY who you want. Be open-minded yourself and take the time to get to know people/places.
Aug 19, 2013 lblah commented on Gun Nuts Threatening Gun-Free Zone Establishments.
Hey, someone make an app that maps the Gun Free Zone participants.

(Yes, I'm just that lazy.)
Jul 20, 2013 lblah commented on Microsoft Disappoints with a Massive $900 Million Surface RT Write-Off.
Microsoft gave away - GAVE AWAY - 10,000 Surface RTs to classroom teachers at an education conference I went to recently. A) Decent way to start to break the iPad monopoly in schools. B) Good way to get rid of inventory.

I honestly haven't even turned mine on yet... Apparently it won't work with our school network anyway.
Jun 26, 2013 lblah commented on "What Should I Know Before Deciding to Move to Seattle?".
Go to a gaming or techy meetup, seek out folks who work at some of the many many gaming companies in town, check out geek havens like Metrix Createspace or MakerHaus

Wallingford is also a lovely, geeky neighborhood with reasonable apartment rents.

Go to a summer festival or any park (Cal Anderson) with a stack of comic books and graphic novels, sit down to read under a tree, and let the geeks flock to you.
Nov 10, 2012 lblah commented on Saturday Morning News.
Josh Trujillo at the PI took that picture. Y'all are kinda failing at crediting these days.… That's Inslee pointing out Lee as someone who kicked ass in getting him elected. She's happy and overwhelmed. I think it's a beautiful picture, and kicks the ass of some boring picture of Inslee standing at a podium.
Oct 1, 2012 lblah commented on Confidential to the Woman Who Was at Pony on Saturday Night Registering Voters and Campaigning for Referendum 74.
Tried to do the bar-crawl voter registration 4 years ago with minimal success in the registration department, but holy moly stickers! Drunk people love stickers!

Law school student duo: If I might be so bold, go print off a few hundred stickers at Kinko's (or whatever they call themselves now) and go pass those around Cap Hill, Belltown, downtown Bellevue, and ... does Olympia have a nightlife? this weekend!
Sep 27, 2012 lblah commented on Restaurant Recommendations for Shabu-Shabu and Chicago-Style Pizza (in Seattle!).
Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot in Bellevue! It's the only reason to ever go to the east side!…

I'm drooling riiiiiiight noooooowwwwwwww!
Sep 4, 2012 lblah commented on Very First Outdoor Silent Reading Party Is Tomorrow Night!.
The map on StrangerTickets doesn't point to anything near Lakeview Cemetery...
Aug 6, 2012 lblah commented on I, Anonymous.
I volunteered with Approve Ref 71 a few years ago, which unfortunately meant getting people to sign that utterly useless "decline to sign" form in the early summer. It was a decent avenue for talking to people about the Referendum process and why we wanted to keep the Referendum off the ballot, but then vote to APPROVE it if it made the ballot... Very confusing.

But good lord people avoided talking to me... Except the other canvassers, who kept offering to sign mine if I signed theirs, so we'd each get closer to quota. Goddamnit I was volunteering! For a cause I actually believed in! Those kids were getting paid...

Yeah, I'm still annoyed.

Approve 74 this Nov!
Jul 3, 2012 lblah commented on Theater Employee Warns Customers that Prometheus Features an Abortion.
I just couldn't get over how she was all running around and surviving and shit after her c-section/foreign-body-extraction/"abortion." I've had two of those! (human, surviving) It's major fucking surgery! You don't just suit up and dash off with a compromised abdominal wall!