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Jul 13 WoofCandy commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Crazy Soon-To-Be-Ex-Girlfriend.
Wait, was this letter written by Marco Pappa?

Before you dump her, clear the premises of anything you consider valuable, along with all knives, scissors, hammers, guns, hatchets, baseball bats, etc.
Jun 9 WoofCandy commented on The Audition.
@undead: You're getting preemptively comcerned over a fictitious law

I'm raising the potential legal and ethical implications of this story, just like Sydney in the original article and many other people in this thread. Have you read the article? Or the page you linked to? Or any of the comments?

Whatever, my mistake for engaging you in discussion, I didn't realize you were a troll.
Jun 9 WoofCandy commented on The Audition.
@in-frequent: It was helpful for me to get clarity on what specific laws people (at least some of them, anyway) are advocating to remedy this situation, and I would imagine it might be helpful to others, too.
Jun 9 WoofCandy commented on The Audition.
@in-frequent: do you think Matt Hickey should be on the "that's okay" side of the line?

No, but I am concerned for others who might get caught up in whatever legal net is invented to catch people like him.

what case would you use to draw the line?

I would support a law that prohibits obtaining sex under the false guise of being a porn producer. Or, tricking someone into believing you are their spouse. I'm sure there are other specific scenarios that I've never imagined but would agree should be illegal.

However, I am definitely not in favor of vaguely stated laws that make lying for sex a crime. With the notable exception of men of high social status (e.g., Brock Turner, OJ Simpson), our country imprisons too many men as it is.
Jun 9 WoofCandy commented on The Audition.
@lilitu83: Neither the article nor the laws currently on the books (linked by @undead) are clear about what scenarios in general should constitute "rape by fraud". That's why I asked.

Some other scenarios to consider:
7) Lying about one's birth gender
8) Lying about one's genital configuration
9) Lying about surgical enhancements
10) Lying about one's kinks
Jun 9 WoofCandy commented on The Audition.
@undead: Would/should the following be considered "rape by fraud"?

1) Lying about one's marital status
2) Lying about one's age
3) Lying about one's income
4) Lying about one's fertility
5) Lying about being on birth control
6) Lying about whether one has an STD

Presumably the line should be drawn somewhere. Where?
Jun 8 WoofCandy commented on Savage Love.
@DonnyKlicious: the danger territorial squirrels might pose

You haven't really fucked until you've fucked one with a squirrel in it.
Jun 8 WoofCandy commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Lesbian Crush.
@2: Just reading that gives me emotional blue balls, and I'm not even a lesbian.
Jun 6 WoofCandy commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Diaper Rush.
he likes to wear diapers because they make him feel "safe."

This explanation actually makes more sense to me than the standard sexual motivations for wearing diapers. And human males do (occasionally) have other compulsions besides sexual ones, right? Right?
Aug 26, 2015 WoofCandy commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Married Woman.
@vennfan: Wow, sounds a lot like where I was some years ago. Good luck. The only definitive advice I can offer is don't stop doing anything that makes you happy, whatever your husband says, until he takes some responsibility for your happiness.

Oh, and his selfishness? That just makes him all the more vulnerable to losing you, which is something you can and should leverage.