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Sep 16 Buffy commented on Savage Love.
It sounds like the type of relationship that LW1 is looking for, is something more emotionally involved than just being some straight-ish couple's unicorn. People, who are searching for a unicorn aren't typically looking to incorporate the third partner into their relationship outside of the bedroom. Still, the rest of Dan's advice is very practical, she should be looking for poly single people that are open to dating bi folks.
Aug 28 Buffy commented on Joan Rivers Has a Heart?.
She would love that joke
Jul 10 Buffy commented on Three Observations From the Airport Lounge.
You guys are being ridiculous. Whore's bath is just colloquial term for taking a quick "bath" in a sink. Dan didn't make it up. It is a commonly used term. This is not worth getting worked up about.
Jul 1 Buffy commented on Real Talk with Janet Mock.
This was a wonderful interview.
Jun 4 Buffy commented on Savage Love.
I don’t think Dan was being over ally harsh with SPAM. He is simply being very clear in spelling out the reasons to SPAM and anyone reading this column that calling the cops on a trans woman and sex worker is more trouble that it’s worth. It is rather odd that she would even float this option without even expressing the idea to contact the trans woman herself, since this is a low level annoyance that does not require police involvement.
Apr 23 Buffy commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Wedding Party.
I find it kind of ironic that the LW refused to invite her husband's entire family to their wedding, but throws a tantrum when she is not invited to her husband's step-sister's family.
Mar 5 Buffy commented on Shaprece and IG88 Make Tropic of Seattle with "Tell Me" and "Her Song".
This is amazing. Thanks for the introduction to such a wonderful artist.
Feb 11 Buffy commented on SL Letter of the Day: Unhappy Valentines Day.
@ undedad ayn rand

You seem determined to paint him as this horrible person based on nothing more than your imagination.
Jan 25 Buffy commented on I, Anonymous.
@29 Well, according to Anonymous the dad told the kid to use his diaper. That does not sound like he is teaching him to use self-control. The kid told his father because he clearly couldn't hold it in anymore and needed to use the restroom. The father was just being a selfish asshole.
Jan 21 Buffy commented on Savage Love.
Great column this week!

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