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Sep 13, 2015 Anonymous999 commented on Survivor of Homeschooling Moved By Joel's Story.
@52. Liberal homeschool parent who is strongly in favor of vaccinations. My kid was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 3 and he also has asthma. Even relatively mild illnesses, like a GI bug or a bad cold, is a slippery slope towards a really sick child. So, my child is current on all of his vaccinations, including chickenpox and an annual flu shot. I wish that every person we come into contact with was as well, because herd immunity is a magical (actually, a scientifically sound) thing.
Sep 11, 2015 Anonymous999 commented on Survivor of Homeschooling Moved By Joel's Story.
I'm fine with outside standards . . . I have to file an annual intention to homeschool with school district and am required to have an annual assessment that is signed off on by a certified teacher. I choose to opt out of standardized testing but have a checklist assessment that is used (for grade level) that I supplement with a written report of classes taken, books read via LibraryThing, and a link to daily Evernote files that detail our daily adventures. We do use math curriculum . . . and I run a monthly literary salon for kids and their families and a twice a month maker club. He takes classes via parks and rec and private piano lessons and we volunteer in our community (environmental stewardship and for an aquarium research project). I am fully supportive of outside standards and oversight, but we are talking about two things . . .one is educational oversight and standards, which is tricky to figure out - ultimately, I'd like to see every child - schooled in whatever setting - fully able and capable of independently LEARNING HOW TO LEARN. It's measuring that that is tricky, in any setting. And of course, there must be active oversight by adults and social services to ensure that all children have adequate resources to look for signs of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse and to provide prevention and education for kids . . . I would love to see DOH include this as part of well-child visit recommendations. All of us also need to do a better job as members of society in treating kids in our communities like actual people and making sure that we notice and follow up when specific things just don't feel right to us. If there is a suspected case of abuse or neglect, call 1-866-ENDHARM.
Sep 11, 2015 Anonymous999 commented on Survivor of Homeschooling Moved By Joel's Story.
How about a headline like "Survivor of Abuse Moved By Joel's Story?" Commenting as a progressive, non-abusing parent who happens to homeschool as part of a big, diverse, secular urban community. There is a huge difference between those who use homeschooling to isolate their families and those who - like us and many others - who use the opportunity to expose our kids to a variety of experiences that include other homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers as well. For us, the world is a WIDE OPEN CAMPUS, filed with an amazing combination of structured learning and intellectual rabbitholes to follow.

My 10-year-old currently identifies as agender and we have given him the space to explore his identity without bullying and judgement, but with full support. Please don't lump all of us as bigoted.
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Jul 14, 2014 Anonymous999 commented on Bags With Handles Suddenly Appear in a South Seattle Safeway.
You don't have to use the robots to check out because the lines are too long. You choose to use the robots because the lines are long and you do not wish to stand in them and wait. Not judging the choice, just pointing out that it is one that you have the ability to mak.