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What a funny attitude, its so... quaint. I remember hearing people say this kind of thing in the 80s, but Now? Bahahaahahahahahaha.

I'm 54 and as desired as ever. In fact, it is almost a problem. Any dating/hookup site I go onto will fill up with 20-somethings who want to meet me, and do other highly specified and often tawdry things as well. I actually wish there were more men my age who were happy, and healthy, and relationship-capable, as I've always preferred partners around my own age. (I have to acknowledge... I am of the age of scarcity as most of my peers, or at least the most fun and outgoing ones, died of AIDS, which makes those of us who made it through more rare, and we all know scarcity raises the apparent value of the thing.)

OVER thinks his life is only of value if he is a youthful sex object. The problem is therefore obvious, and it has very little to do with age.