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Jul 25, 2014 Disgruntled American joined My Stranger Face
Jul 25, 2014 Disgruntled American joined My Stranger Face
Jul 25, 2014 Disgruntled American commented on Emerald Queen Casino Cancels Upcoming Ted Nugent Shows.
I think the casinos made a poor decision. Ted Nugent has been known for years about his views and blatant statements. For EMC to cancel so close to the concert is going to cost it the loss of patrons. Who would not be pissed off to schedule a trip, hotel, time off, transportation, not to mention the loss of deposits! If they felt this way at the time of the statement, it should have been canceled then. If not booked in the first place. I am proud of the stand Ted Nugent takes for his beliefs. No, I do not condone his statement, and it was a very poor choice of words and derogatory. Name calling, and such insulting remarks just show a lack of thought process, and ignorance. If he said "his performance as a; person, politician, public servant is that of a mongrel bird dog afield." Then I would fully agree. I think the casinos want to be politically correct, at the pressure of Ted Nugent's political opposition. If the casinos go so far as to cost his fans money, ie not refunding the ticket cost to be PC then they are hypocritical. If they want to be PC to this extent, then they should as a tribal nation only use their treaty hunting/fishing rights by harvesting in accordance with their historical traditional methods. Not gill nets, firearms, ect. Use dip nets, fish traps, archery. BTW historically I'm not aware of any Native American Nations having casino's. If people want to stop all of this political correct BS, then no one should have special rights, treatment, or regards over others because of their historical background, heritages, or skin color. If all are equal, why are they not treated equal??????? Aren't we all Americans!