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oh man...

oh_man is reading the news and thinking "oh man..."
May 10, 2013 oh_man commented on "Man of Great Personal Integrity" Sentenced to 80 Years in Prison for Genocide.
Meanwhile, in Guatemala, as we speak (slog?) it's all polarized. Not everyone agrees or is proud of this, but the debate is about if it was technically 'genocide' or not. There is no doubt about the suffering and unnecessary blood shedding that did happen.

I really hope Ken is being ironic there.
Feb 23, 2013 oh_man commented on Vatican Denies Pope-Toppling Gay Sex Scandal.
So... Basically Paul, you're writing about some random report of which there's no proof about (yet). But you're pissed off at it anyway, you wish it was true, and some rant about Tom Cruise (?).

Nov 13, 2011 oh_man commented on Slog Bible Study: Deuteronomy 28:53.
Huh huh... I think that's what people call 'symbolism' Beavis... huh huh...
May 20, 2011 oh_man commented on The Food Who's-Who Subway Map.
Nice infographic, and I'm sure the concept is pretty neat IF YOU KNOW WHO EACH OF THOSE PEOPLE ARE. Otherwise is pretty useless.
May 4, 2011 oh_man commented on Overheard in the Office.
Spinoza's bobblehead?
Apr 27, 2011 oh_man commented on I Took a Picture of This Bumper Sticker in Redmond..
Having to google a bumper sticker to understand it kind of defeats the purpose eh?
The beauty of bumper stickers is people should be able to understand them at a glance, while driving.
Apr 22, 2011 oh_man commented on White People.
sounds like a date i had once.
Apr 8, 2011 oh_man commented on All of Satan's E-mails Begin with "Hi There".
'hey buddy' would've been a lot better.
Apr 1, 2011 oh_man commented on TV Headline of the Day (Perhaps Millennium).
"sorry sir/m'am, medicare doesn't cover that, but we got some great payment plans!"
Mar 23, 2011 oh_man commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Pole Dancing For Jesus.
I hope jeezuz has enough dollar bills.