Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Sep 12 bigyaz commented on The New York Times Goes Crazy, Publishes Extremely Long Self-Parody on Cereal Trends.
And it's not a trend story, it's a serious business story by a very talented journalist. You might want to read it again.
Sep 12 bigyaz commented on The New York Times Goes Crazy, Publishes Extremely Long Self-Parody on Cereal Trends.
Most yogurts are LESS healthy than many cereals.
Sep 12 bigyaz commented on Why an Acura Ad Is More Dangerous Than ISIS.
Of course, since most drivers have their radio/phone/other device pounding music/podcasts/talk radio through their speaker systems it really doesn't matter if your car is hermetically sealed.
Sep 10 bigyaz commented on Three Black Men Who Were Killed by an Absence of Policing.
This is dead-on correct. Nobody had to die in any of these cases. And certainly no one deserved to.
Sep 10 bigyaz commented on The NFL, Domestic Violence, and #WhyIStayed.
@3: I think you misread what Petchesky wrote. The NFL (and Rice's lawyers) wanted the public to believe the video would, if not exonerate Rice, at least mitigate the situation, that somehow Janay was an equal participant. THAT is what they were leaking privately to some of their most supportive members of the media.
Sep 9 bigyaz commented on The Morning News: Drivers Don't Understand the Cycle Track, Customers Don't Want Amazon's New Phone.
RyanAir is for quick, dirt-cheap flights around Europe, most not more than an hour or two. If you can't go that long without someone serving you a little cup of Diet Coke there are more expensive options. (Unlike here, where there are very few options for most flights and just about all the airlines suck.)
Sep 5 bigyaz commented on Pronto Cycle Share and How the Market Reproduces and Reinforces Seattle's Racial Map.
@14: If it relies primarily on tourists it will fail miserably.
Sep 5 bigyaz commented on It's Almost Time to Abandon Twitter.
Blaming Facebook for not being a timely source of news is bizarre. It has always been a social network; I would no more go there for accurate breaking news than I would The Stranger.
Sep 5 bigyaz commented on LTE: Why I'm Wrong for Parlaying a Cyclist's Death Into a Piece About Underfunded Bike-Safety Projects.
Most of the comments here just confirm what Mr. Anderson is saying: Voice anything that can be construed as anti-bicycle and you will be immediately painted as a fat SUV-loving bicycle hating suburban neanderthal.

@12: Calling something an "accident" doesn't mean nobody is responsible.
Sep 3 bigyaz commented on How Many of Y'all Tried to Game Free Records From Columbia House Record Club?.
It wasn't hard to buy a few records at the full price to fulfill your commitment and then quit. You still came out ahead of the game.

Also, as @4 pointed out, you always had the choice of rejecting that months' selection. But no doubt their business model counted on a lot of people neglecting to do that.

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