Aug 19, 2014 peterga commented on "Five cops go drinking and shoot at a middle class black couple—whatever.".
@3, what appears to be most revealing in your post is that when things look bad for a white cop, you insist that people reserve judgment. But you show zero such reservations in making your conclusions about the actions and character of the black victim.

E.g. you don't know what the encounter in the grocery store was over (and there is some evidence that it may not be what you stridently concluded, e.g. see…).

I do agree with you that many people are letting their preferred narratives drive their interpretation of the events. I think your post is ample evidence of that.
Aug 4, 2014 peterga commented on Photos from the Mars Hill Church Protest in Bellevue.
These poor ex-church members are like people protesting the Nigerian millionaire scam. Their posters should read "Obvious scam is a SCAM!!!" I'm not happy Driscoll abused their donations and emotional investment, and perhaps there some kids coming out of rough lives who can't really be blamed for not seeing what should be obvious. But any adult gullible enough to hook up with Driscoll's outfit is probably going to just fall in with another con man, if not him. Maybe Benny Hinn can heal their problems.

Jun 6, 2014 peterga commented on Want to Do Something About Gun Violence? Here's Where to Start..
@1, why not have a reasonable conversation instead of tilting at straw men? The fact that you cite declining overall gun deaths as if it contradicted anything Paul wrote just informs people that you are not really paying attention to what people are really suggesting. And then you accuse The Stranger of ignoring facts? I don't know if this is because you have poor reading comprehension, a desire to deliberately distort people's positions, if you're just a bit overly emotional at the moment, or if you are perhaps just so married to canned ideological points that you can't help trotting them out rather than engaging the actual points that were made. You may sincerely believe that there is absolutely nothing that could be done to reduced gun violence by even one more death. But you're not going to persuade anyone of this with responses that just seem to be indulging a fantasy rather than attempting to understand others' actual point of view, and sincerely consider the pros and cons of their specific proposals.

Jan 22, 2014 peterga commented on Spiritual Insurrection and the Strange Case of Mass Fainting in Cambodian Garment Factories.
I just thank the good Lord Jesus that here in America we do not disrupt society with silly beliefs about supernatural beings!
Sep 10, 2013 peterga commented on Richard Dawkins Is Cool With "Mild Pedophilia”.
So one person's statement "proves" that anyone who shares a particular belief is "fucked up." Wow, Scary Tyler Moore is not at all shy about demonstrating her bigotry, eh?
Aug 13, 2013 peterga commented on Russia's Next Headache.
That being said, moving the World Cup seems like it would be a very positive statement -- I would not want to make perfect the enemy of the good here. Of course when people take such highly bigoted and irrational positions as "people should not be allowed to mention gays in front of children" or "sports culture is rape culture," then there is much work to be done.

Jun 1, 2013 peterga commented on Stay-at-Home Dad Combats Sexual Fantasies By Putting Women in "Imaginary Burqas".
The imaginary burqa approach to distracting oneself from certain facets of nature strikes me as an approach similar to what many young Catholic priests might have taken. Godspeed to Hinds on his attempt to emulate the unblemished record of sexual control demonstrated by Catholic priests.
Apr 23, 2013 peterga commented on The Broadway Grill Is Closing.
Has anyone been around long enough to remember when this was Baffert's? If so, what years was that? Was Baffert's gay?
Mar 7, 2013 peterga commented on Shut Down! Ambassel Ethiopian Restaurant.
I enjoyed the food at Ambassell, but since I haven't been there since 2012, I think I'm safe from the outbreak. But it is their web site site that is most remarkable. It looks like it was constructed in 1996 from a template designed by Homestar Runner. It is not to be missed.
Feb 6, 2013 peterga commented on Primitive People Are More Violent than Civilized People.
Right. Jared Diamond is racist and Charles Mudede knows more about historical rates of violence than him and those crazy pinheads who study the issue. This is simply the flip side of Scientific Creationism.