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@1 I was surprised by that too! I totally expected him to inform this lady that no act is patently submissive--you can totally be a dom/me and eat pussy with enthusiasm...

LW3: I felt like I wrote this letter! My orgasms work EXACTLY the same. I've often felt a little like I'm missing out by not having much success coming in other positions/activities--there are lots of things I love and that feel great, but they don't get me off. I'm totally open to the possibility and approach all activities without expectation, so I don't think I'm putting pressure on myself--I really feel like this is how my body works. And frankly, I'm glad to be having an orgasm or 5 every single time my husband and I have sex, no matter if I have to get there the same way every time! If the experiment to get there other ways doesn't work for you, I'd say there's still lots to be happy about. :D