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Died February, 1979.

Jul 19 Achaiwoi commented on "Hillary's Gonna Kill Us All".
What is this "world is falling apart" shit? Is there a MORE meaningless platitude to spout? Not falling apart here. If you can't handle the modern era (good & bad), then off yourself because the world don't settle down for anyone. And didn't the world fall apart when her progenitors waged WWII?
Jul 18 Achaiwoi commented on Alan Vega, Agitational Vocalist for Synth-Punk Innovators Suicide, 1938-2016.
And many thanks for making Crowd Baiting... well.. CROWD BAITING.
Jul 13 Achaiwoi commented on Maybe 100 Naked Women Can Stop Donald Trump.
@5) Hookers from Columbus are being shipped in as back up. They are being trained to moan, "I asked for it! I'm on welfare!"
Jul 13 Achaiwoi commented on Maybe 100 Naked Women Can Stop Donald Trump.
A nice 2nd Amendment-sponsored, legal-carry bloodbath between militant groups sounds like just the thing to spice up the convention!

I prefer naked chix (not 'women', CHIX) but a bloodbath has better legs! See what I did there?!!
Jul 13 Achaiwoi commented on I, Anonymous.
Why is she offended that someone was filming, and not offended by the socially gruesome behavior of the woman?

And yes, if you are in public people can snap as many pics of you as they want, no matter what you are doing (including yapping on yer toys). Welcome to FREEDOM.
Jul 13 Achaiwoi commented on Seattle Police Guild President Resigns After Offensive Facebook Post.
His retraction generalizes that "a small segment of society perpetuates violence toward law enforcement officers...." Yeah, a minority of ONE. It was a lone sniper acting in Dallas. Then who is this small minority he refers to? What small minority is moving about the US attacking officers? BLM is the implicit answer, but I think he is teasing the delusional conspiracy line still: "Obama and his (minority?) minions are in a violent cabal against cops!" It's just the kind of flim flam the alleged bad apples love to spoon up and his attempt at apology doesn't back down from that.
Jul 12 Achaiwoi commented on The Queen Protester of Baton Rouge: An Art Review.
@29) "Did the optics drive the event, or did the event drive the optics?" Again, another stupid and meaningless comment that has no mooring to the price of beans in China - just like every single post that has farted out of you.
Jul 12 Achaiwoi commented on The Queen Protester of Baton Rouge: An Art Review.
That this woman is poised and beautiful adds to the contrast of the ugly, militarized & anonymous "Man" coming to "get her".
@23) @24) @25) Your attempt to manufacture some form of outrage from a spontaneous photograph of cops busting a non-violent black female vividly portrays the depth and quality of your commenting ability. Lorem ipsum has more meaning. Remember that next time.
Jul 11 Achaiwoi commented on Mayor on Police Union and Reform: "It's a Struggle.".
This opens up a tangent issue: where are the right-wingnuts who constantly try to demonize workers unions and think "union busting" was the subject of the Sermon on the Mount? Now that it is a police union under discussion, one that ostensibly lines up with wingnut fantasies, they fall silent. Shouldn't they be banging the anti-union gong loudly at the SPD?
Jul 6 Achaiwoi commented on Religious Extremists Export Hate, Murder, and Terror to Brazil.
All religion is false. All 'preachers' are charlatans and they themselves know it (notice that all of them want $omething from you, and gawd always backs them up) . God is a fantasy and the ultimate marketing trump card, faith is a delusion. Sickening that this stuff gets a huge blind eye from media.