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Died February, 1979.

2:55 PM yesterday Achaiwoi commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Smacking Sense into an Ass-Smacking Father.
Artist? I've seen her finger paintings and they suck.
May 23 Achaiwoi commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Two-Hour Douche.
The real problem is "working 10-12 hours" per day. You are being exploited by the wealthy who whip you into this "work-ethic" froth to make you believe you are living morally & correctly, when all you are really doing is throwing your time away so the rich can make bigger profits. Call yourself a young professional if it makes the sting go away.
May 16 Achaiwoi commented on The Morning News: What We Know About Trump's Disclosures to Russia, Advocates Say the Hanford Emergency Was Totally Predictable.
Finally the law catches up to century 21 and bans cell phones while driving (although better would be to ban driving at all). Next ban should be on the deluded promises of self-entitlement that are attached to those phones. That would be social progress.
May 12 Achaiwoi commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: She Wants to Flash You Without Being Creepy About It.
Every woman in her 30's who writes in to Savage is "relatively attractive"!
May 5 Achaiwoi commented on SPD: Man Pulled Gun on Two Pedestrians After Using Homophobic Slur.
If you pull a gun in public, prepare to be shot yourself. Or worse. Once you make yourself a deadly threat, deadly force against you is warranted. Too bad they were walking, else they would have been justified in running him down.
May 3 Achaiwoi commented on Things That Make Me "Mildly Nauseous".
@1) I am very interested in what particular arrogances from Hillary you have experienced, please describe. Yes, she is rich and white, but those aside...? So arrogant she ran for political office, I take it?

Or could it be you have been enveloped in the scapegoat echo chamber, where you just mutter "hillary" and receive infinite confirmation gratificatiion? Feels good to be validated by the echos!

And dear, you should examine the definition of "chronically" and seek to use it correctly in the future.
May 3 Achaiwoi commented on Comey Has More to Say About His Pre-Election Hillary Clinton E-Mail Bomb Drop and a new Anthony Weiner/Huma Abedin FBI Probe.
Groath, I revise my comment: you are just an imbecile. Thanks for clarifying.
May 3 Achaiwoi commented on I, Anonymous: You Made My 5-Year-Old Cry.
Tip from a cyclist: remove ANYTHING that is not bolted to your bike when you lock it somewhere. This is a city. Bikes get stripped. Stolen even. Anything a street urchin can pawn will be stolen. This is not news, this is ancient history.