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Sep 14, 2013 jussmbdy commented on I, Anonymous.
Instead of yelling you should have joined the conversation and tried to act like you wanted to be friends with them. Like ask where they get their molly and do they think you could get some too and maybe you could all party together.
Aug 3, 2013 jussmbdy commented on Police Threatened to Arrest Me for Taking Their Photo Last Night.
If the city or feds were serious and wanted to curb the civil rights abuses of either of these two cops, they could do so very simply. Of course the cops' union will prevent them from firing these guys no matter how many times they are disciplined by the department. All the DA or USDA has to do is arrest them and press charges for the obvious crimes they have committed. How long does a law enforcement officer who has been convicted of or pleaded out to a crime have before they get fired. I would assume about 2 minutes.

Of course these guys are doing exactly what the city, the state and the DOJ want them to do. So they will go thru some kabuki, falsify your complaints of harrassment and intimidation down to "rudeness", and maybe give these guys a talking to and a wink before they send them out on the beat again.

As for naming that officer who "helped" you, what she was really doing by asking for anonymity was telling you your complaint was going nowhere, so keep her name out of it please. Some help.
Jul 13, 2013 jussmbdy commented on Drunk of the Week.
Dr Gonzo, are you really so sure this is a biological woman? And isn't Lindsey one of those girls' names that started life as a boy's name, like Beverly, Evelyn, Ashley, Sharon, etc? I guess we'll have to wait until Kelly (another genderbender name. coincidence? or does anyone else here see a pattern) posts the wine douching pics.
Jul 13, 2013 jussmbdy commented on I, Anonymous.
@14: the clothes look good but the model's sparse facial hair (and perhaps other unspecified metrosexual traits) make these clothes and the advertising "cynical"? Is this like an "ironic" Alanis Morrisette type definition of "cynical"? Could you first tell us what that word means to you? And then how it applies to this ad?
The model looked OK to me, except for all the hair product. But if straight guys with too much hair product is counts as metrosexual, then maybe that means I am cynically ironic.
I'd say the tank top is sorta gay, and the fedora is pretentious PNW straight guy hipster. Sort of an incoherent look, but I don't see the cynicism.
Jul 13, 2013 jussmbdy commented on Savage Love.
"Provided your young men are meeting the basic requirements of the one-night-stand act, Miss Manners cannot find them remiss."
THIS! I used to read Miss Manners religiously, until she started going behind pay walls and all. She is so dryly funny, and always seems to find the should-be ovbious but not-so obvious logic or illogic to so many social situations.
May 23, 2013 jussmbdy commented on Savage Love.
Really? So this is "not uncommon" amongst womenfolk, you say? Guess what, gay man: we straight gals are on your side.

@39 and @40, guess what? I'm old enough to remember when many of "my best pals" routinely justified their homophobia by arguing that our homosexuality was a direct result of our women hating. But welcome to the bandwagon. Better late than never. Here's a clue: just because I can't stand you, and you are a woman, doesn't mean I hate all women. And just because I can't stand women like you, doesn't mean I hate all women. So you can take your conditional support for gay rights and shove it whereever you (consentually) like, for all I care. I can't stand many types of men, too. Does that make me a feminazi?

This letter writer does not deserve to be coddled. She and plenty of people in comments here think it is perfectly acceptable to throw ugly accusations of intentional violation at someone, over something he was probably deeply embarrassed about already. And even contemplating labeling him a predator and criminal for the rest of his life. Get some perspective, bitches. Some ladies just love to get their mind-fuck on.

I think seeker at @96 nailed it as far as catholics go (speaking as a former catholic in full remission). I would love to read his take on those of "my best pals" who see predatory male privilege and rape or quasi-rape in every male-female encounter.
May 21, 2013 jussmbdy commented on Savage Love.
I'm gay, and so in my whorishness I don't get the issue this woman is holding onto from the time she was 14. These two had repeated make out sessions, but he groped her boobs without asking? Really, you have to ask permission to touch a boob after you have been making out? And the fact that the guy came inside his own pants while she also remained fully dressed was another violation? How do straight people make out? Is it just with lips and no other physical contact? Sorry, but this girl/woman sounds like a perpetual victim to me, a not uncommon type of woman. Thank god I am gay and don't actually have to deal with this shit to the same degree straight men to.
May 19, 2013 jussmbdy commented on Worn Out.
"Mostly, though, everybody just loved the living fuck out of Liberace.."
No, Liberace was considered a big queen and a freak and a joke when he was alive. His fans were almost exclusively old ladies who lead very sheltered lives and who seemed to have no idea what a gay man was. And everyone else just thought it was funny and/or bizarre.
Mar 27, 2013 jussmbdy commented on I, Anonymous.
I'm with the rest of the crowd that says your husband is a stranger. I would feel my privacy violated if my nanny, or even my roommate, brought strangers (with dogs!) into my house without warning me or telling me (which is why I would never hire servants or go back to having roommates, gods willing). They fact that you didn't ask or tell them beforehand shows nanny has a lot to learn about plain old manners, not to mention professionalism. You really do sound like a 13 year old. It's their home, not yours, Mary Poppins. Get your chimney swept at your own place, you sucia pinche.
Mar 23, 2013 jussmbdy commented on Savage Love.
It's no use. Every straight guy I know, especially ones whose wifes or girlfriends are nurses, swears that they know a woman emergency room worker who has to de-gerbil a gay man a few times a year? How do they know the gerbil-ed men are gay? A: Because they have gerbils stuck in their asses - duh.

As for the Richer Gere-bil connection, I think someone already confessed to starting that malicious rumor. I think it was a movie producer that Gere pissed off, so he started the most ridiculous rumor about him that he could think of, and took on a life of it's own.

I never heard this stuff about removing teeth and legs and lower jaws. According to all the straight men I know, the biting and clawing are half the fun for the gays. When you ask how they do not die of perforated colons, gangrene, septicemia, etc, the answer they give is that the gerbil goes in a ziplock bag. Which according to the logic of straight men is impervious to the gnawing of rodent teeth and reduces the potentially fatal bites and scratches into stimulating pinches and pokes.