one day closer to burning in hell

Apr 21, 2015 mabel commented on Woo Girls Get Some Wheat Paste: What Does This Poster Really Mean?.
yeah...This poster was the most limp dick attempt at a burn ever! Or retaliation? Or whatever this is supposed to be, It's not creative, and definitely not clever? there's seriously no where to live in sodo lol unless you want to stay in a crack motel, or you can afford some super nice industrial loft. Just shows that they are probably some clueless, out of touch, rich yuppie who just moved here and feels entitled to everything for instance our city... This bland form of vandalism really says it all haha even the graffiti or street art is getting gentrified!!! LAME.
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Complaining about smells is a slippery slope. I once lived in an apartment building that reeked of curry and spices that really bothered me, but i would never complain about my foreign neighbors ethnic cooking. Weed has officially been voted in to part of our culture now deal with it, there are a million worse smells lurking in urban area get some incense or something cry baby...