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Dec 16, 2015 topcat1964 commented on Thank the Maker! Someone Finally Made a Star Wars Movie for People Who Love Star Wars.
Just like Star Trek reboot: First one was stunning. Second one: He'll remake empire strikes back (wrath of Kahn) third one he'll hand the reigns to a really shitty director(Justin Linn)
Feb 5, 2015 topcat1964 commented on Seattle Police Officer Cynthia Whitlatch Placed on Paid Leave, Loses Her Badge and Gun.
I want a job where I can hassle and talk bad about black people and be given a paid vacation at home
Aug 14, 2014 topcat1964 commented on King County Metro Will Offer Reduced $1.50 Fare to Low Income Riders.
You mean people pay the bus fare?
Aug 13, 2014 topcat1964 commented on I, Anonymous.
Compared to drunks puking, pissing stinking up the air, body odor, garlic seeping through people's pores, give us a break. Smoke all you want, where you want people(alas, due to my job I can't partake) deserve it!

The world will be a much more peaceful place..

And if you can't deal, give it time...edibles are coming soon
Aug 13, 2014 topcat1964 joined My Stranger Face