Mar 16, 2016 rp commented on I Don't Think Those Forever 21 T-Shirts Were Rapey Either.
I don't get this t shirt. Isn't it possible it was intended to just mean in life, don't go along with things you don't want to do? Seems it would be kind of en encouraging bromide. If instead, it was intended to have a sexual conotation, it doesn't really make sense becasue it is not playful or witty. why would a guy want to wear thsi with a sexual conotation becasue it would eitehr come off sounding like an asshole saying don't lead me on, bitch, which even the fratiest bro woud probably not wear as it isn't even funny or bragadociously offensive, or it would suggest that the wearer is a loser who can not get a girl to want to have sex with him. So what guy would wear it. At first i assumed it was a woman's t shirt despite the model because I assumed most stuff at forever 21 were for women. Do guys shop at forever 21? Most guys who are under or a little over 21 don't want to be 21. And once a guy is older, he does not want to admit he is trying to hold onto his youth, so why would he shop at a palce called forever 21? IF this t short were for woman, it could be seen as a woman blaming the victim, but would maybe be more as an encouraging aphorisism, not to other woman but to herself and people in general. I still think it may have been intended as a general not sexual meaning. If so, it seems reasonalbe. Like somethign you would post on facebook. If someone posted this on fcebook , Idon't think anyone would think he or she meant sexual. But my points do make me think of a comparison. Why do we feel so strongly that any advice is blaming the victim. If some guy told me that his boss got him to work on Saturday, I would say, dude, you have to stand up for yourself and say no instead of maybe. And my friend would not say, hey, don't blame me, I am the victdim here you victim blaming asshole.
Mar 14, 2016 rp commented on Inside the Publix Hotel, a Former Single-Room-Occupancy Building in the International District That's Reopening Soon.
Can we have just one article in the Stranger about housing without trotting out the tired myth of the hipsters and artists making a neighborhood desirable then being pushed out because of it? News flash, this areas is being gentrified because it is close to downtown, walkable, and urban. the people coming in do not care about any art there. Is there any art there? No. If anything, I mourn the loss of what is a great etchic and culturally distinct neighborhood. But I started mourning it when non asians started moving in. Please, artists, you are not fooling anyone. You just want to keep it cheap for yourslves. Please stop pretending you care about working class people. They are the first under the bus if it means you can still afford to stay in a neighborhood or find a new neighborhood to populate, pushing them out.
Feb 19, 2016 rp commented on Fat's Chicken and Waffles Is an Example of Gentrification Done Right.
Oh yeah, happy black history month, btw.
Feb 17, 2016 rp commented on Fat's Chicken and Waffles Is an Example of Gentrification Done Right.
Who are you and what have you done with Charles?
Feb 17, 2016 rp commented on Fat's Chicken and Waffles Is an Example of Gentrification Done Right.
Wow, my head is spinning. Gentrification done right? You mean, displace all the poor people, but open a soul food place that is an expensive place for the for the new wealthy residents but still the kind of food that was served in the poor people place so they don't feel quite as guilty about displacing all the poor people businesses? In my opinion, it should make it worse. So some black people go there? Well, that should make it okay then. So he hired a black person, not even the cook, well that should make it okay then. Does he have the right to do so. Sure. Is it good food? Maybe. Would I eat there if it were anywhere else? Maybe. But it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I would prefer to think that the patrons just like it becasue it is good food.Anyone there that goes there because it has a flavor of the old neighborhood, or because it is "gentrification done right" deserves the utmost contempt.
Dec 7, 2015 rp commented on Drinking with Charles Mudede.
I would imagine that if the workers there wanted to unionize, the owners would welcome it. But owners can not force a union.
Nov 4, 2015 rp commented on We Do Not Want the Old Seattle, We Want the New and Future Seattle.
33 is right. African Americans were doing fine in the CD. Sure, many were poor and drugs wer a problem. But that was not the fault of thte city. They certainly are not better off for being forced out into far flung suburbs. Some left voluntarily, others were willing to stay, but could not. If anyone has reason to want the old Seattle back, it is the African American community.
Oct 10, 2015 rp commented on Good-Bye, Seattle.
Lest anyone misunderstand, I mean to say, this is quite subtle and brilliant. My compliments to whoever wrote it. Wish they had been given a credit.
Oct 10, 2015 rp commented on Good-Bye, Seattle.
I kind of dig this, but I can't figure out if it is the typical Stranger piece about the ppor artists and terrible gentrifiers, or if it is a spoof of same. I think it works pretty well as a spoof, maybe an ironic spoof that contains a bit of empathy as well. But it seems surprising that the Stranger would do a piece that in any way takes a poke at what they have previously been championing, atrtists andslackers that seem to think they have a right to live in the city for cheap, yet pretend that they actually care about real poor people.