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Mar 15 rp commented on The "Woo Girls" Street Artist Is Not Hiding from Anyone.
Agreed. 4.5 years pretty much means he is one of the gentrifiers. Besides, gays are not fleeing the hill due to rents or bros. They are just moving out to the suburbs to have kids. The same thing happened in many black neighborhoods as the black middle class fled to the suburbs. All I can say is I wish I could get subsidized to work a part time job and spend the rest of my time pursuing a hobby. If I promise to grow a beard and get tatoos and hang around the streets looking cool, can I get subsidized on rent. Pretty much all this guy is doing is making fun of someone different than him. Pretty cutting edge art.
Feb 3 rp commented on Welcome to Town, Here's Why You're Stuck in Traffic.
Oh please. While light rail would be nice, to think it could replace roads in the greater seattle area is just silly. Only a small percentage of people live in a suburb and commute into downtown. This is not New York. A vast majority of people could never get by with any amount of public transport, even if it was better than it really could be. If we had a lot more density over the years, and everyone worked downtown, sure. but that is not Seattle.
Feb 3 rp commented on #CapHillPSA Joins the Growing Public Art Response to Capitol Hill's Affluent Asshole Invasion.
demonstrate the role art can play in shaping personal reflection and community action? That is what is wrong with artists today. Instead of shaping personal reflection, they want to demonstrate the role art can play in ...

While I acknowledge that the hill has changed, it is pretty silly to get all upset about gentrification, and try to tie it to hate crimes. They are pretty different things.

Ultimately, I just have to say that I lived on the hill between 30 and 20 years ago. It ws awesome and I consider myself lucky to have lived in a place that was cool and also cheap. Sadly, that is no longer the case. And while there are plenty of fine people who live there 15 and 10 and 5 years ago and now, they are gentrifiers to me and the people I knew and they drove up rents and changed the character of the hill and moved there because me and the people I knew, but more importantly the people that were there before me had made it cool. So, get over it. You and your silly posters are just dumb. And by the way, geurilla artists used to just put up their art and no one knew who did it. It was not about self promotion on twitter and facebook. You don't really get the concept of geurilla art, do you?
Jan 2 rp commented on Savage Love.
In the pick up community, it is commonly held that while a guy ought to work out a bit, he should dial up his alpha male attitude. Not necesserily being a jerk. But being a bit cocky. I know that doesn't work on all women. But it seems to work on the women those guys are attracted to.

I have long held that the more feminine a woman is, the more she is attracted to masculine guys. But that can be attitude as much as physical size. But probably more into bigger guys. And vica versa. Masculine guys are more attracted to feminine women. Think of the typical wife of a military guy. Probably pretty feminine. That leaves more balanced people for each other. Personally, I consider myself somewhat balanced in terms of my masculine nature and more feminine side. And while I might find some of them physically appealing, overly feminine, high maintenance, girly girls who can ot do anything for themselves drive me nuts.
Jan 2 rp commented on Savage Love.
I find it quite funny that we keep start out talking about big strong men and keep calling them bad boys. The idea that women are only attracted to physically imposing men, and not powerful men is contrary to the bad boy. A bad boy is one who excerts power without necessarily being physically large. He demonstrats his power by refusing to play by societal rules and also offers danger and excitement, which other studies show are turn ons. Or, beyond the bad boy, we have actin heroes. Perhaps Bond is a bit of a bad boy, but it is his suave smoothness, demonstrating social status, social power, and confidence that really turns women on. Further, guys in expensive well cut suits are very attractive to women as they demonstrate both money and a certain control of their environment.

As far as power goes, think of all the women attracted to rock starts, bartenders, or men with money and power. Are they outliers?

And what about attraction to slim effeminite women. David Bowie, slight gay men, Mick Jagger, or many other rock stars. Most are not big or particularly masculine or muscular. Even movie stars are not particularly big. These days, they are often muscular. But look at the movie stars of the past. Bogart, Errol Flynn. It is almost shocking when you see them with no shirt. Flabby. But they exude power and confidence. They take action. They make things happen. This is why they are movie stars. yes, they also have good faces, and that often includes masculine traits such as a square jaw. But it is masculinity, not size that is often atractive to women.

Yes, I know there are some women who love big guys. I know a guy who is 6'6". Contrary to the comment from the OK cupid guy, there are some women who will seek him out. He walks into a party or bar and there is almost alwasy one or two women who will walk right up to him and talk to him. I know a few large women who like big guys so they do not feel so big. And I know a lot of women who are attracted to tallish guys over short. But these days, it is often slim swimmers build tall guys, not big muscular brutes.

I also think tastes change over time. One era has women attracted to effete gentlemen in garish clothing. Another has them attracted to broad shouldered man's men. One era has them into mop topped nice boys in matching suits. Ten years later, it is bearded mountain men or guys with hairy chests and moustaches. Then, ten years later, it is long haired make up wearing rockers.

Just goes to show, you can not pigeon hole attraction. Especially women. Men's attraction is probably simpler and more consistent. But even looking at female movie stars of the last 70 years show incredible variation over time.
Dec 29, 2014 rp commented on Savage Love.
I think it is ridiculous for people to suggest that height does not matter. Some women indeed will find short unattractive. And some will not date shorter guys due to how they will be perceived. This is shallow. that said, plenty of women will. I am 5'4". sure, I know, you would love to have two more inches, but still, I am short. I have dated and slept with a lot of women. A few who were into short guys. Plenty who just did not mind, car or even notice maybe. Most are around 5'4" to 5'8" I think that if you meet them in real life, you may not have the advantage tall guys do, but most women a few inches taller than you will not really notice. Many others will notice but not care as long as you are fun interesting, and yes, have some confidence.

I stay away from on line. You are immediately at a disadvantage. And since most guys on line add a few more inches, all the worse. Most women will screen you out.

But, if you learn to approach women in real life, you will have a huge advantage over most guys. Most guys do not approach women or have any game. You can work this advantage quite well.

Find some good pick up artist advice that is respectful and stay away from the bad ones. Learn what you can about being fun, approaching, and getting conversations going. Then go out and approach approach approach. You WILL meet some who will date and sleep with you. SOme might even be impressed with the fact that you are bold while being short.

It will work in bars and clubs. But if you prefer, do daytime. Go out to the mall, or out in the city streets, parks etc. If a woman does not respond positively, don't bug her. Move on. But plenty will. Ignore any woman who suggests it is rude to talk to a woman in public. All you have to do is be polite and leave them alone if they are not open to chatting.

If you can, work out a bit. Don't get huge. ThT will make you look like one of those compensating guys. But be in shape and try not to whimpy. If you are slim, then be a really sharp dresser. You will look great in most modern clothes.

Lastly, while you should be open to short women, do not think it is the answer. In my experinece, many women, especially asians, are obsessed with tall guys. They either feel too self conscious, or want to have tall babies, or whatever. But you are, in my opinion, much more likely to hit it of with a 5'3"-5'7" girl than a shorter one.

If you do like really tall girls, then up your game and go for it. But many girls around your height to a little taller will just not notice or car all that much.
May 22, 2013 rp commented on Savage Love.
I am with the gay guy. I don't see the big deal. I think she is buying into a ridiculous "I am so violated by anything that makes me uncomfortable" paradigm. So he humped her till he came. Did she ask him to stop? She surely would have mentioned it if she did. Did she tell him in advance she was not comfortable with it? I am pretty sure not. So where is the violation? Do guys have to ask a woman if they may come now?

If she wanted to speak up but didn't, which doesn't even seem to be her point, then let that be a lesson to her. How can he have known?

And did she tell him to never grab her breasts and he did anyway? Doubtful.

So, while it is possible he knew she would not like it and did it anyway, I doubt it.

At my age, if it were clear a woman did not want to have sex, but I wanted to come, I might dry hump or stroke myself while we made out. And I might be hyper vigilant to make sure she was not upset or not comfortable with it. But to expect a 14 year old to do so would be absurd. It is the opposite of if he had taken her clothes off or had non consensual sex. he left her clothes on, did not stick it anywhere and she was willing to hump. And then he did it till he came. Where is the out of line there?

As for the guy with the wife, congrats on having a cool wife. I think there is very little doubt that she would be bothered by either if you presented them in a chill fun way. she might not be into it, but doubtful she would b e turned off in any big way. People with positive kink attitudes like she has generally are cool with such garden variety things.

Now, it is very unlikely. But if she is quite into being submissinve and feminine and really likes him to be masculine and assertive and all male, there is a chance this would be an attraction killer. But I think she would know that by now. And women that are kink friendly are very unlikely to be that way. Into dom sub, sure. But trying to hold a guy to a rigid sex role, unlikely. So, bring it up already. But make it positive and fun.
Nov 16, 2012 rp commented on Is The Lava Lounge Closing?!?.
I agree it is a cool place. But I certainly don't have any illusions about a place filled with bearded hipsters any different to me than filled with so called yuppies.
Oct 17, 2012 rp commented on Savage Love.
Ya know, we all have secret opinions about knowing more about something, or what is best for our partner than they do. that is life. Live with it. so the guy is pro life. If he believes life begins at conception, that is fair. There is no proof because "life" is a construct anyway with no real meaning but what we give it. And if he is pro life, it seems reasonable that he would believe it is of value to protect that life. I am pro choice because it is most convenient to be. But I am not going to tar and feather anyone who is pro life. Many of them make decent arguments, very different from the political bullshit that is intent on controlling women's bodies. There are some people who sincerely believe life begins at an earlier point than my position of convenience. And their opinions about abortion grow from that.

Now, the ones I like best are the ones who say, well, the law allows it and it may be just as well. But if it were up to me, and I could do so without oppressing other people, I would somehow prevent any abortions from ever taking place. I find that a pretty legit position.

Now, if you are concerned about what would happen if you got pregnant, that is a legit concern.

But to break up with someone just because he sees the world a little different than you and has an opinion about it he is foolish enough to share, then he is well rid of you.

Don't get me wrong. I am pretty liberal and democratic, and I would have a hard time dating someone who was a conservative. One of those reasons is they are too damn dogmatic and close minded.

I am no more willing to date a dogmatic close minded liberal. I think you did him a favor.
Oct 17, 2012 rp commented on And Now, a Message from Some Gays Against Gay Marriage.
I am not so quick to dismiss it. Obviously, I could be putting words in their mouth, but what if their statement is that chasing cultural approval and sanction is kind of a bullshit game. I am more inclined to have uniform civil unions as a right for all people, and leave marriage for the religious, conservative, etc. Gays want acceptance, most anyway. And they want the legal protections afforded married couples. But maybe chasing "state sanctioned gay marriages" is a misdirection, standing around asking for a handout instead of demanding uniform legal rights. I am all for legalized gay marriage, but I would be just as in favor, or more so, of uniform civil unions for all and no state sanctioned legal marriage for anyone. Of course, if anyone wants to call themselves married now, they can and should. The state can not tell us how to speak. Anyway, maybe that is their point, in which case, I agree.

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