1:49 PM sarah91 commented on Science News: The White Cops Killing African Americans are the Recent Descendents of Africans, and the Science of Presidential Debates.
There were hominids already in what's now Europe and the far east when other hominids traveled up from Africa.
1:22 PM sarah91 commented on Five Dead in Shooting at Skagit County Mall, Police Still Searching for Shooter.
All guns should be banned. All of them. No exceptions. None of you are "well-regulated militia".
Sep 20 sarah91 commented on I'm a Millennial Who Plans to Vote for Clinton, But Her Appeal to Millennials Is Hard to Watch.
Hillary's being hit with misogyny by admitted misogynists (Republicans) and covert misogynists (millennials). Think about who you'll get if you keep flinging public mud at her.
Sep 18 sarah91 commented on America's Largest Police Union Endorses Donald Trump.
@21, there's no more reason to think that there are no bad lesbian cops than there are no bad straight cops. A bad lesbian cop hassled the guy who was walking down the street using a golf club as a cane. Your gotcha comment didn't work.
Sep 18 sarah91 commented on In Seattle Visit, Libertarian Gary Johnson Outlines His Vision: "It's Gonna be Uber Everything".
God I hope all the Libertarians are gone by tomorrow. These are the craziest bunch of comments I've ever seen, including when Sgt. Doom was still here.

Catalina, I assume you meant that Stein SHOULD have been put in the recycling bin.
Sep 18 sarah91 commented on Hate Read This Seattle Times Story About the Struggle of Two Upper Middle Class People in the Suburbs.
@16, no, the Seattle Times business section does NOT offer financial advice to people of all income levels. I've been reading it for years and it always describes people who have great incomes and valuable houses but huge debt and absolutely no intelligence or common sense. What can anyone possibly learn from those privileged idiots?
Sep 16 sarah91 commented on Fuck CNN For Giving Donald Trump Hours of Airtime For His Birther Statement.
Trump's advisors, or advisor, probably his daughter, have gotten through to him that in the current phase of the campaign, he should speak s-l-o-w-l-y, in very short sentences, with great emphasis. He's doing so, to great effect, and it makes his idiotic statements sound like they're coming from some form of a god. This may very well get him elected, and no one will be able to prevent that as long as every single media outlet shows him doing so.
Sep 15 sarah91 commented on Victory for #BlocktheBunker: North Seattle Police Precinct Project Suspended, Returned to the Drawing Board.
Maybe this will teach Juarez something. The Mayor is probably not teachable; he just reacts in the moment.
Sep 15 sarah91 commented on If You Live in Seattle and Make Less than $80,000 a Year, You're Now in the Minority.
@4, your past comments have shown a bit more...knowledge. Are you having synapse problems?
Sep 13 sarah91 commented on Is the Media Fair in Covering this Presidential Race, Wonders Media.
Thank you, @19.

I think Trump is disgusting and I'm voting for Hillary not because of my opinion of Trump but because I think she's basically a good person and will make an excellent President. If I was expecting Mother Teresa, I would never have voted for Lyndon Johnson. I did, and I wasn't disappointed (Vietnam excepted). He instituted social programs Kennedy couldn't have because he knew Congress, and Clinton will institute programs Obama couldn't because she knows Congress.