5:43 PM yesterday sarah91 commented on State Labor Council's Teresa Mosqueda to Run for Seattle City Council.
She would be an excellent Councilmember -- both principled and practical.
Jan 7 sarah91 commented on Seattle's Plan to Help Undocumented Students Learn About Their Rights.
Events, forms, counseling -- just what does that do? Other cities provide money for legal support; why not Seattle.
Jan 7 sarah91 commented on After Buyouts and Layoffs, Nearly Two Dozen People Will Leave the Seattle Times Newsroom.
@7, if it was self-evident, why post it? And why the "social justice" sneer? Unless you think it's not sad that people who have less money get thrown off the bus more easily than people who've built up retirement/savings, etc.?
Jan 5 sarah91 commented on Paul Ryan Says Obamacare Repeal Will Also Defund Planned Parenthood.
Abortion is about 3% of Planned Parenthood's care of women. Women who can't afford insurance (which you, Paul Ryan, are also against) get all kinds of care at PP.

Religious fundamentalists (including Catholics like Ryan) don't care about women or fetuses or children. They care about their ideology.
Jan 3 sarah91 commented on Stay Warm and Drunk at One (or All) of These Seattle Fireplace Bars.
The Fireside Room is now quite ugly. Cheesy looking paneling, sofas and carpet clash, uncomfortable-looking sofas. The old furnishings were much better.
Jan 2 sarah91 commented on We Regret These Errors.
@11, criticizing the Stranger doesn't make your pathetic blog any better.
Dec 16, 2016 sarah91 commented on Did "Identity Politics" Talk Sink Hillary's Campaign? (Short Answer "No").
Trump won by saying he'd win. It pretty much boils down to that. People like to hear the word "win".
Dec 16, 2016 sarah91 commented on Hillary Clinton Opens Up About Putin Hacking the Election Because He Had a "Beef" With Her.
@9, you can take a few things off your list: Johnson, Jill Stein, George Bush, voting machines, poverty, heroin, and the CIA. They had no effect.

Otherwise, yes, the remainder of your list covers it.
Dec 13, 2016 sarah91 commented on Why You Should Give a Shit That a Neighborhood Group Just Won a Fight Against Backyard Cottages.
@7, low-income people are the ones that are most at risk of being priced out of ANY housing. DADUs that have been newly built by owners whose houses are pretty nifty are going to be rented for more than apartments or ADUs. They'll be pretty pricey.
Dec 13, 2016 sarah91 commented on After Meeting With Trump, Bill Gates Proves That He Can’t Be Trusted to Fight Climate Change.
It's both amazing and disgusting how the parade of people gaining the attention of Trump in his Tower Valhalla come feeling that they must report to us what the god said. And they all seem to be excited about being noticed by the paparazzi in the golden lobby. Gates, Gore, Romney, every frickin' general still half-alive...