Dec 1 sarah91 commented on Open Letter to Mitt Romney: Please Sell Out and Be Secretary of State.
I doubt if Romney's enough of a sentimental patriot to answer Trump's call; instead, he really wants to be on the public stage in some way. He may be convincing himself that he could run in 2020, since surely Trump won't win again. Surely. God help us.
Nov 30 sarah91 commented on Trump Gives No Meaningful Indication that He Will Avoid Conflicts of Interest in Office.
All this talk is silly. Of course he's not going to do this, or that, or the other thing. He's not going to do anything that he doesn't want to, because what're they gonna do to him, impeach him? Then the Senate would have to put him on trial. Then they'd have to find him guilty. Then he'd just go back to his businesses.

There's no penalty whatsoever go being Trump.
Nov 28 sarah91 commented on This Week on the Blabbermouth Podcast: Speaking Truth to Rural Power.
"Second, we need, NEED to have serious conversations about globalization and automation."

And just who would you suggest "we" have those conversations with? The corporations who make their stuff overseas and store their money in offshore banks and lay off humans and install robots? Because people like you and me and the rest of people reading this are not the ones who can do anything about that because we're not, you know, corporations. If you don't realize that, you need to read and think a little more before you make silly statements.
Nov 26 sarah91 commented on Army Corps Says It Will Break Up Standing Rock Camp by December 5, Proposes "Free Speech Zone" Instead.
@1, was Jill Stein risking her neck for something? If she was, then Sydney was also, since she was there and presumably is part of the "you" in your post..
Nov 22 sarah91 commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Dear Old—Really Old—Mom and Dad.
@16, yes, and while they're allowed to think whatever they damn please, any time they damn please, they should keep that to themselves while they're at someone else's home for dinner. Unless it's a dinner of people with similar thinking, which this isn't.

Raindrop, I find all too often that I agree with you. It bothers me intensively.
Nov 22 sarah91 commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Dear Old—Really Old—Mom and Dad.
Geezuz, these friends of yours are being invited to your parents' home. Tell them to act like guests and shut the fuck up about politics. It doesn't matter what age you and your friends are (and since your parents are so old, you and friends have to be at least in your 30s) or how old your parents are: be polite to your host and hostess. There's plenty of time to be condescending and patronizing at other times. Speaking of which, Dan's reply is disgustingly patronizing.
Nov 19 sarah91 commented on WA Congressman Adam Smith Calls Out Trump for Nominating "Documented Racist" to His Cabinet.
@8, you're actually minimizing what the Holocaust was when you compare the Trump administration to the Nazi regime. So long as the Trumps haven't identified a whole people that they intend to murder out of existence, the comparison is bogus. That's not to say the Trumps aren't horrible, but history needs to be seen clearly.
Nov 18 sarah91 commented on The Morning News: City to Fund $29 Million in Affordable Housing, Seattle Central Professors Walk Out.
Alberto Gonzales. Didn't he and one of his minions go to John Ashcroft's hospital room and told him to sign something? What a guy.

@24, the babyboomers didn't nominate Sessions.