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Jun 20 AlliMike commented on Savage Love.
The internet has a way of bringing this stuff out. I don't think most people secretly feel this way and are more honest about it in anonymity, I think the format makes it possible for four people to seem like forty. Once the crazy hits the tipping point, the normal people stop talking and well, its circular. It's sad, because the conversation we tried to have had good potential.
Jun 20 AlliMike commented on Savage Love.
Also, when I was in martial arts, one of the guys in the class would always hit way too hard. He injured a few of the women. Another of the guys could always be counted on to kick his ass. Whenever this jerk would catch my eye for sparring, and would give an eyebrow, I'd turn to the other guy, catch his eye, and give an eyebrow towards the jerk- want to fight him? He'd look with a casual shrug as if to say sure, why not? The jerk would look with a slight flinch, as if to say $hit. Then I'd be sitting that round out, watching him get the ring wiped up with him.
Jun 19 AlliMike commented on Savage Love.
@63 My story is similar. I got falling-down drunk at a frat party, woke up the next morning at my apartment with no memory. My roommates filled me in on the details- one of the brothers had dragged me all the way to his car to find my good friend Larry leaning against it waiting for him, asking him wtf he thought he was doing. He said he was taking me home, Larry asked him where I lived, he of course didn't know. He gave some equally weak excuses, trailing off in the face of my friend's look of utter disdain. It was obvious to everyone what he was doing. He slunk off, and my friend took my drunk ass home.
Mar 16 AlliMike commented on Fred Phelps: Excommunicated and Near Death.
The very best funeral would be if nobody showed up at all.
Jun 14, 2013 AlliMike commented on Why Street Harassment Matters.
Those guys sound adorable, 113. Nice change of pace from the rest of the thread.
Jun 6, 2013 AlliMike commented on They Shoot Hookers, Don't They?.
Did everyone get that she lived paralyzed from the neck down on life support for several months before dying? One account says she suffered some brain damage when her respirator failed. She would have been unable to do anything but lay there and suffer that until someone noticed. And this guy walks.
Feb 24, 2013 AlliMike commented on Ladies Wearing Jeans.
@2, Perry explains it with his stages of intellectual development. Dualism, Relativity, Multiplicity and Commitment. In Dualism, they want an authority to tell them all the answers. It's a great model to read if you work with high school or college kids.
Dec 21, 2012 AlliMike commented on Newtown Will Not Bury the Mother of the Killer.
She'd be blamed for this in any circumstance. Even if she hadn't provided the guns. We'd be asking how she raised him, why they lived alone, why she didn't get him help. If it turns out she did get him help, we'd attack the manner of help she chose. Too many drugs, not enough. Ect, ect, ad nauseum. Once we'd exhausted all the truly low hanging fruit, we'd dig up irrelevant details about her personal life- such as dice games, or doomsday beliefs- and attack them. Oh, wait...we already did that. Hold onto your hats if it turns out she had a boyfriend. Or if she didn't.
Oct 25, 2012 AlliMike commented on Final Obama/Romney Debate Caption Contest.
Romney finally reveals the loophole he would close.
Oct 18, 2012 AlliMike commented on Mitt Romney Brought Every Mitt Romney He Could to the Debate Tonight, and President Obama Destroyed Them All.
To me Romney looked and sounded exactly the same in this debate as he did in the first debate. Same stammering, overtalking, butting in, smirking, all the same. Only thing has changed is this time, he had some opposition from Obama and the moderator. Last time was basically a monologue. This time, it was a debate. His performance was exactlly the same.

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