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Jul 24, 2010 The Man from W.A.S.I.L.L.A. commented on Federal Judge to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer: Your Ugly, Hateful State May Not Deny Equal Benefits to Gay State Employees.
Dan, something you may not know is that Judge Sedwick was appointed to the federal bench by a Republican, George H.W. Bush. Place another point in the "we are winning" category.
Mar 8, 2010 The Man from W.A.S.I.L.L.A. commented on Florida To Offer Incentives To Filmmakers With One Little Tiny String Attached....
The sweetest irony is that the proposed rule would allow gay actors, even an all-gay cast, to portray straight characters. Real Gay is okay, Stage Gay is not.
Aug 18, 2009 The Man from W.A.S.I.L.L.A. commented on Meanwhile in Alaska: Anchorage's Summer of Hate.
A coalition of progressive and mainline churches in Anchorage participated in the blue shirt movement. Trouble is, Prevo is Alaska's very own Jerry Falwell, and it's difficult to overestimate the power he can leverage against the advocates of peace and equality when he wants to - and he ALWAYS wants to. When teenagers, my friends and I had a policy that we'd flip off the Anchorage Baptist Temple whenever we'd drive by. A meaningless gesture, but it sure felt good.

Reality Check - Calling Alaska "rugged, independent and rural" is dishonest. First, the ordinance is about the Muni, not the Bush. Second, Alaska gets more federal money per capita than any other state, and Alaskans squeal like stuck pigs if the state gov't tries to touch their precious yearly government handout.