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Mar 13, 2013 infrequentposter commented on The Death of Google Reader.
I went to Bloglines after the Google Reader redo a couple years ago. (I absolutely *hated* how the reader looked after the redo.) Bloglines is the way I thought the new Google Reader was going to look like. I need a web-based reader because I switch computers a lot, so it has worked really well for me. I also have hundreds of feeds, so I didn't like the limit some people placed. It is crapping out right now, though. (Note: this is the first time I've had problems with the Bloglines servers.)

You have to do some customization at first. You have to switch from the widget to reader view in the upper left. Also, Bloglines insisted on signing me up for local blogs (which I quickly deleted.) It also shows newest first, and I haven't been able to figure out how to switch it to oldest first. Bloglines' search function is also pretty much crap. But I can live with those problems just fine.
Jan 22, 2013 infrequentposter commented on Gun Nuts: The Total Gun Appreciation Day Toll.
Slate is actually keeping a running total of the gun deaths since Newtown.

Tally as of this morning? 1109 deaths. Sorry, it's now up to 1111.…
Aug 24, 2012 infrequentposter commented on A Very Incomplete List of What You Have to Look Forward To With Next Week's Republican Convention.
The stage has also been built with union labor, but I'm sure that's not going to be mentioned. (My friend has been building "the death star" for the past several weeks.)
Aug 22, 2012 infrequentposter commented on What Kind of an Idiot Plans a Major Convention in Florida During Hurricane Season?.

We are frequently spared, but we've come awfully close. Charley in '04 was supposed to be our storm and hit us with a cat 2, but just a little wobble caused it to hit Port Charlotte at a cat 4.

I don't live in a flood zone, so I'll be fine. (I also checked to make sure my insurance was up to date.) The convention center? That's in Zone A, so they would evacuate in the case of a cat 1 coming anywhere nearby. I was not looking forward to the RNC at all, but with a storm coming? This should be awesome.
Jul 24, 2012 infrequentposter commented on Shocked and Saddened.
A friend of a friend (with all due caveats) went to see TDKR over the weekend and apparently right before the movie started two men in the back stood up and told people not to worry since they were armed. Other than a few WTF faces, nobody left and nobody said anything.

Granted it's hearsay, but this was in the Tampa suburbs (site of the RNC convention in a month!) and so not outside the realm of possibility.
Jul 6, 2012 infrequentposter commented on Doggone Grocery.
But this is exactly what you want, Charles. You want urbanization. You want people leaving the suburb with their 1/2 acre lots for a densely packed urban core. Everyone living in apartments or condos. But with the loss of the yard is the loss of the "appropriate place" for the dog. You don't see dogs in grocery stores in the suburbs, where most people seem to get their 1.3 dogs as lawn decorations for their 2.1 kids. You don't see dogs in grocery stores in the country, where dogs are not companions but workers with a specific duty: guarding, hunting, herding. You see dogs in grocery stores in the city, where people have companion dogs and get breeds like the one pictured, which were not bred to have a role on the farm but to be a companion in a city. If you want people to lose their personal backyards and treat the city as their backyard, you are going to see more and more dogs in areas you may not consider "appropriate".
Jun 2, 2012 infrequentposter commented on Gay Green Lantern Heroically Vanquishes Evil One Million Moms.
There was also a push yesterday on reddit to report OMM to FB as a hate group in response to their JC Penney two gay dad ad hysterics.
May 23, 2012 infrequentposter commented on Here Comes Woodstock for Ron Paul Fans.
Great. Wonderful. According to the Google I work 1.4 miles from the fairgrounds. Maybe I'll start putting Communism bumper stickers on all their cars. Some Mao, Lenin, or Che.
Apr 17, 2012 infrequentposter commented on Eli Sanders Just Won a Pulitzer Prize for a Feature Last Year in The Stranger.
Wow! Congratulations!

Of course I'm not going to read it again because just looking at the title made me cry. Congrats!
Apr 4, 2012 infrequentposter commented on Farewell, Sweet Razr.
The RAZR was just an empty shell compared to the best clamshell phone ever: the Motorola StarTAC. That was a beautiful phone, both in form and function. It made calls in places where lesser phones just whimpered for mercy. It was solid, yet light weight. It lived through ANYTHING. Get it wet? Stick it into 4 socks and put it in the dryer for 20 minutes. You dropped it so the screen stopped working? Drop it again; that will fix it. It had a slight bend near the hinge which was its fulcrum when you balanced it, open, on a table top. It would only touch the table on that minuscule point, so you could spin it like a penny and it would spin for minutes, practically frictionlessly.

It did one thing, but it did that one thing better than any before or since. THAT was the phone.