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Oct 24, 2013 Dr Gonzo commented on Using Women.
Didja love Seattle when Greg Nickels was Mayor? Ed Murray is using the same techniques, and even some of Nickels henchmen (Tim Ceis) to lie thier way to power.

People complain about Mike McGinn's record, when they breeze over the facts and refer to "crime" and "bike lanes", and call him a political insider. Hardly. Murray has been in government almost 20 years, and that's NOT a good thing.

McGinn is beholden to no one, and that's the kind of Mayor we need.

Seattle is a better place for having Mike McGinn as mayor, and will suffer if Murray is elected.
Oct 9, 2013 Dr Gonzo commented on I, Anonymous.
@12: Catholics and Republicans already "Think About the Children" WAY TOO MUCH...and not in a good way....
Sep 26, 2013 Dr Gonzo commented on I, Anonymous.
yes you absolutely SHOULD name the offending bar, and even the bartender.
Aug 21, 2013 Dr Gonzo commented on I, Anonymous.
"going to a concert" is about listening to music, not stupid, poser, dangerous antics, even in the name of "rebellion" and "punk".

"musicians" that throw stuff or spit at their audience are missing the point and legally liable; @6 is right: anywhere else but Seattle and that asshole would have been stomped (though not recommended).

someday, his "punk" "rebellion" will only be about talking back to his boss, how to get his grandson's poop out of his hair, and when to fire the doctor trying to painfully remove his ugly, idiotic tats.

MUSIC is just that and stands on it's own; crowd surfing, moshing, and especially performer-incited violence is childish and stupid, but the performers must take the high road and not contribute to mayhem, or in this case, break the law.

I'd sue the motherfucker but he's probably already broke but doesn't know it yet, having spent all his spare cash on cheap beer, tats, and hair products.

Aug 7, 2013 Dr Gonzo commented on Last Days.
a lot of fucked up shit happens in skamania county ("mania"...look it up).

if that a-hole gets out of jail, i will personally, on behalf of my canine brethren, be more than happy to go attach an incendiary device to HIS neck, and blow him the fuck up, because clearly, he has the "devil in him". HE would be proud.

what a douche.

Jul 25, 2013 Dr Gonzo commented on Savage Love.
@84:"...missing the point...."

Repubs (and many others) usually do.
Jul 25, 2013 Dr Gonzo commented on Last Days.
"the victim's stepmother, Kelly Horror- Deal..."

you mean she got married and had a chance at a new last name, and actually made it worse (although funnier)???

re: zimmerman - more reasons to never live in florida.
Jul 25, 2013 Dr Gonzo commented on Savage Love.
Sometimes I lament my solitary single life...then I read a column like this one (except for #3) and I reaffirm why I stopped "dating" in the first place. People are crap. Liars, self-serving blowholes. Men and women. Rationalizing deceit is the ultimate in selfishness; if you are undecided whether to do what you want and then lie about it, please a) don't get married, b) don't be in relationship, c) don't breed (we don't need any more fuckheads whose parental example is absolute shit), and d) seek help.

If you can't be honest, then you need to examine your behavior.
Jul 11, 2013 Dr Gonzo commented on Last Days.
and condolences to one of the two asiana casualties, a woman lucky enough to survive a plane crash only to be unlucky enough to be run over and killed by rescuers.

ps i love you cienna!
Jul 10, 2013 Dr Gonzo commented on Drunk of the Week.
really? this is it?

we've suffered through countless scroti, wangs, and various male nudity...and this is all we get, us few, solemn straight males, those few of us left in seattle...

a little red wine on a bored eastsider's shirt?

c'mon you hetero-phobic dbags. give us MORE, especially under a title like "wine tits"...give us some actual wine covered tits...preferably a female's, not some ironic male titty whatever.

wow, even the stranger has gotten weak.