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Sep 22 madcap commented on City Council Passes Rent Control Resolution (And Does a Couple Other Good Things for Renters You Might Have Missed).
The private purchase loophole seems like a pretty big one. If the city is offering incentives for developers to provide affordable housing, why don't they make those benefits contingent on a contractual obligation to preserve those units through any sales contract?
Sep 22 madcap commented on SL Letter of the Day: Take a Lover or Two.
Or, instead of sleeping with others behind his back (if he doesn't agree with an open marriage), you could do the honorable thing and divorce him before betraying your vows.
Sep 15 madcap commented on Hold Up! The School Strike Is NOT OVER.
Seattle PI isn't the only one jumping the gun. Look at what this apologist for the establishment said in their "morning news":…
Sep 14 madcap commented on White Guy Michael Derrick Hudson Dons Yellowface, Tricks Sherman Alexie, Gets Published in Best American Poetry.
@17, I would ask for no different than standard, say an α of 5%. But it's also unclear how many of these he's done, whether he's using proper controls, etc. Sample sizes of the target publishers need to be controlled, and I think you'd want which publishers get a poem under which name to be randomized, and probably double-blind (that is, for a given poem, he shouldn't know whether it will be submitted to a given publisher under his name or the false name).
Sep 10 madcap commented on White Guy Michael Derrick Hudson Dons Yellowface, Tricks Sherman Alexie, Gets Published in Best American Poetry.
Long story short: aspiring poet conducts statistically invalid experiment on whether there is bias in poem publishing based on the perceived race and/or gender of the poet. Results inconclusive.
Sep 9 madcap commented on Bankrupt 50 Cent Posts a Video on Instagram of His New Palace in Africa.
Wow slaves on a plantation? What's the connection? Both groups did domestic work?
Sep 2 madcap commented on Kim Davis Is Defending the Sacred Sanctity of Marriage From the Gays—But Who Will Defend the Sacred Sanctity of Marriage from Kim Davis?.
Here we thought she was just anti-homosexual, but maybe she just really hates men.
Aug 20 madcap commented on DIY Space the Josephine Is Urgently Raising Funds to Make a Comeback.
Are they looking to just re-open and get closed down again, or are they doing something to avoid a repeat of whatever led to complaints (noise, presumably)?
Aug 11 madcap commented on The Morning News: Activist Who Interrupted Bernie Sanders Speaks About Her Politics.
It seems ignorant for Marissa Johnson to imply that Bernie Sanders hasn't put his life on the line in some degree for civil rights, given that his younger years he coordinated sit-ins and was arrested at least once protesting segregated student housing. It's not necessarily 'laying down your life', but I'm guessing she hasn't really done that either.

But anyway, sure, it's valid to ask if is Sanders doing enough now, in his recent Senate years and his presidential campaign, and to criticize him if you think he isn't. Even if he is "the best option", it doesn't mean he's not subject to scrutiny and criticism.

Personally, while the interruption was rude, I don't think it was that big of a deal. Bernie handled it with much better grace than I bet you'll get from Clinton's group or any of the GOP candidates, and anyway he was there to talk about Social Security and Medicare's anniversaries, so it was bound to be a snoozefest anyway.

I think the real problem is Marissa Johnson doesn't know her audience. Stepping in front of a crowd and just calling them racists because they're booing you for interrupting the scheduled speaker is not a great way to advance your cause, radical or not.

If you're gonna go there, at least drop some knowledge on the audience before you about how they're racist. Do a lot of white progressive Seattleites condescend to you? Do they make patronizing assumptions about your life experiences? Do they tend to support racial justice more in the abstract than in reality? I've certainly heard those complaints around here.

If you want people to wake up to their own flaws, you gotta at least point them out. If you just want to label them, well they're not going to think very highly of your message, are they? And if you don't care what the audience thinks of your message, then why are you interrupting the event to preach at them?
Aug 11 madcap commented on City Council Approves Taxes on Guns and Bullets.
I don't know how limited you think gun owners' options are in terms of places to purchase ammo, but I assure you the answer is "not limited".

In fact, I'm curious how many stores in Seattle actually still sell ammo.

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