Feb 16 gromm commented on The President Is Insane.
Global News just scooped you Dan:

"Calling Trump insane is an insult to the insane: Psychiatrist"
Nov 21, 2016 gromm commented on Meanwhile On Our Nation's Television Screens: Are Jews People?.
Welp, it's still not too late to move to Canada, Dan!
Oct 18, 2016 gromm commented on 25 Years of Savage Love: How Savage Love Changed the Way We Talk and Think About Sex.
My favourite Savage Love contest was when he suggested that readers write in to tell him of the sleazy ways they forged long-term relationships.

I might be a bit biased however, because I won that contest.
Oct 13, 2016 gromm commented on Rush Limbaugh Takes a Stand Against Consensual Sex.
+1000. Full stop.
Oct 12, 2016 gromm commented on I'd Rather Jump Out the Window Than Celebrate 25 Years of The Stranger with This Issue.
I read this whole article because I thought it was funny and a biting summary of what an anniversary issue is. ;)
Aug 19, 2016 gromm commented on Savage Love.
Re: Advice to TOP:

Ugh. You didn't even answer his question, which was "how do I prevent cold sores." It's not about HPV at all if he wants to know the answer to that question, as Human Papilloma Virus isn't Herpes Simplex. The other question he had about getting the HPV vaccine is that there's less than a 10% chance he hasn't already had HPV at this stage in his life. Which is why they give it only to the young. Preferably before you even have sex ever, since the risk of catching it skyrockets after you start being sexually active.

Also, there's still no vaccine against Herpes. Your best hope is that your partner knows they have herpes, and they know when they're contagious, which is *only* when they've got an active sore. There's a slight overlap in contagiousness before your sore is visible, but the window for that is measured in hours, since the sores themselves also appear within hours. Beware of what look like pimples in the affected areas.
Aug 15, 2016 gromm commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Swinging Double Standards.
@7: I was indeed wondering that myself. You'd have to be astonishingly naive and on top of that, never been a woman on a dating site to even ask this question.

Unless you're a guy whose delicate feelings were hurt by the no-single-men rule. Then that makes total sense.
Jul 20, 2016 gromm commented on "Hillary's Gonna Kill Us All".
Heh. "Go off grid" is the whacko Alex Jones audience version of "Moving to Canada" I guess. But then, this same crowd has been doing crazy shit like that ever since about the 1930s if not earlier. They've also stockpiled canned goods in their personal underground bunkers as well. Same shit really, different bunker.

Also kind of describes half (at least!) of the people who live in Backwoods Alaska.
Jul 9, 2016 gromm commented on Dumbest Letter Ever.
@5: There's no reason to resort to Godwin's Law here. There are so many examples of this kind of thing in *America* that it would make your head spin.

example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redlining
Jul 7, 2016 gromm commented on Dallas: 11 Police Officers Shot, Four Dead, Three In Critical Condition.
"Let's pretend guns are as just as dangerous as lawn darts and ban the fucking things already."

Most epic Dan quote ever.

After "It gets better", of course.