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Aug 19, 2009 alaskanaturist commented on Meanwhile in Alaska: Anchorage's Summer of Hate.
@4 abandoning the red states is exactly the opposite of what we should be doing! we need more fair minded folks moving to these "red" areas to shift that voting majority to a more moderate, or dare i say, left of center viewpoint.
@10 thanks for posting those inspiring words from a true religious leader
@24 i like the way you think
@50 well said vince
@64/66 i couldn't agree more, it's a shame that equal treatment must be legislated, but there has always been those in society that believe they, and the group they belong to, are better than another
@69 i have no desire to burn your business down, i just want the right to be employed there and not worry about being fired if my boyfriend happened to drop by to bring me lunch.
@78 while i agree with your comment 100%, this ordinance wasn't about an issue as volatile as gay marriage. it was something much simpler... fair/equal protection from employment and rental discrimination within the community.
Aug 19, 2009 alaskanaturist commented on If a Picture Says 1,000 Words, Here Are 4,000 Words About Hempfest—Plus, a Half Dozen Naked People.
@37 doesn't take much to shock a midwesterner, does it?