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Mar 10 Just saying commented on Zimmerman Signed Autographs at a Florida Gun Show.
Like school in summer...
Mar 5 Just saying commented on Drag Performer Ade Connere Attacked.
No doubt this was a hate crime and it needs to be investigated to bring the perpetrators to justice. But I see no indication that fraternities are involved, so no need to wave stereotypes around when the facts are bad enough on their own merits.
Jan 8 Just saying commented on The Bullitt Center Is the Greenest of All.
Leasing at market rates for class-A space. Negotiable with potential tenants, but approximately $30/sf NNN.
Sep 23, 2013 Just saying commented on Now That We've Entered Umbrella Season, Here's Some Umbrella Etiquette to Consider.
Get a fucking rain jacket and leave umbrellas to tourists.
May 22, 2013 Just saying commented on And What Really Makes the Bullitt Center Green.
@4: Right now transit does serve downtown better. But in a few years, lightrail will come to within blocks of the Bullitt Center. And Madison is slated for high-speed transit. The challenge with downtown - solar access. Hard to do a net-zero building when you are surrounded by towers that shade the roof. Ultimately Seattle needs a better transit system.
Apr 18, 2013 Just saying commented on The Amazing Bullitt Center: Part One.
How it works: There are temperature and CO2 sensors inside the building. And a weather station outside the building. The goal is to keep internal temperature within a comfort range, and to maintain fresh air. The windows are controlled by a central nervous system that opens them automatically based on the sensor readings. And closes them automatically too.

In the summer, for example, the windows will open at night once it cools off. This will cool the concrete slab. Once the day warms up, the windows will close, keeping the cool air in.

Occupants can override the system, for 30 minutes, but then it will reset to it's optimal.
Jan 15, 2013 Just saying commented on A Short Film About the Bullitt Center.
@3: Office buildings use more of some things and less of others. Net zero water may be easier in an office, although there is only parking for bikes in the Bullitt Center and showers on every floor, so tenants may shower a fair bit. But on the energy side, there will likely be significantly higher demand than a residential building would require. Think 30-50 computers per floor. And eliminating toxics would be equally challenging in any setting.
Dec 7, 2012 Just saying commented on Have You Ever Thrown a Drink in Someone's Face?.
21st birthday. Way too many shots down my gullet already, when a friend came with one more. I said no way. He said, "down it, pussy." I took the shot and threw it in his face. Then promptly began vomiting.
Oct 22, 2012 Just saying commented on Initiative 1240: A Sucker Punch to Public School Kids.
Actually, charter schools have been proven effective. That's why 42 states allow them.

They don't always work, but in many cases they do achieve good results - especially for kids from poor families.

It's clear our public school system is failing. So yes, I want to try something new. It's not a panacea but charters have been shown to work in other states around the country.

And I'm guessing none of the critics above have kids in Washington State public schools.

Or we could just follow the WEA and teach to the test. That seems to be working really well.
Oct 22, 2012 Just saying commented on Initiative 1240: A Sucker Punch to Public School Kids.
Washington has some great schools but on average, we aren't doing very well. We are 38th in the country for on-time graduation, 41st in eighth-grade algebra (you must take algebra before high school to have sufficient credit for college), 1 in 4 students drop-out, and we are one of the few states where the achievement gap is still growing. Our region is 6th in the nation in terms of jobs that will demand a post-secondary degree but only 18% of students who start ninth grade in WA actually graduate from college within six years of starting. With results like these, we should be open to new approaches.

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