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Aug 4, 2010 Michael from Washington commented on Federal Judge Declares Prop 8 an Unconstitutional Violation of Equal Protection and Due Process Rights.

Looks like his opinion is saying:
- Gays are deserving of strict scrutiny (required to rule under the 9th (14th? whichever) amendment.
- Marriage is a fundamental right.
- There is no compelling state interest to discriminate against same-sex couples in the field of marriage.

I think this guy has hit just about every single nail on the head with this opinion. Hard.
Jun 19, 2010 Michael from Washington commented on SL Letter of the Day: Lying Low.
I wouldn't come out to them using Facebook- that's a bit impersonal.

Do it personally. If you're too afraid to do it face-to-face (I was; there's nothing wrong with this at our age, I figure, and I'm approaching my first anniversary of being out to my mother), leave the most sympathetic parent or both parents a letter. Or just drop them an email before you head off for the day. Just be sure it's from you to them; not a secondhand source, not over a social networking website. It's a heart-to-heart, and that's damn important.

Make sure you tell them that you don't want it to change anything, because it's totally normal to you and not really a big deal. I can honestly say that since I came out, my parents have only treated me better as a result. My biological father found out this Wednesday (I didn't want him to) and still ended up coming to my high school graduation today... and we got along better than we usually did.
May 21, 2010 Michael from Washington commented on Whatever Lifts Your Luggage, Boys.
Oh god that picture made my day. So. Damn. Cute.
May 15, 2010 Michael from Washington commented on Headline of the Day.
Yeah, people get more conservative as they age, but that doesn't necessarily mean SOCIALLY conservative. I've always regarded it as a more property/economically sort of thing.

We don't really have studies to back it up, but gut feeling tells me that once you're ok with gays, you generally won't go back on it. Tolerance is a one-way street.
May 12, 2010 Michael from Washington commented on Today in Anonymous Lipstick Lesbian Rage.
Well, I'm gay and have been invited to the wedding of a straight friend to his high school sweetheart of some 4 years or so.

He realized that he was asking a sensitive question. But, we're best friends, and he really wants me to be there- as his best man.

So, even though it gives me just a smidgen of heartache, I'm going to go attend that wedding, even though I'm gay. I mean, why not? He'll be happy. I'm going to be able to get married in the future anyways; it's just a matter of time. And I'm going to be his freaking best man. Screw the etiquette, it's an honor.
May 5, 2010 Michael from Washington commented on SL Letter of the Day: One Year Later....
Thank you for sharing this.

After a shitty, shitty day I can only hope I get a happy ending too.
Mar 18, 2010 Michael from Washington commented on SL Letter of the Day: Are Gay Men Unbearable?.
@69 This reminds me of a column Corvino wrote over at 365gay, telling of his interaction with a nun concerning how immature he was being, at age 20 or so, being so nervous about going on a date with another man.

If I remember it right, the sister told him he had every right to be immature- he was only fully, truly, actually realized as a gay man for maybe a year or two up to that point. We've got a separate age measured in 'gay years', an inevitability given the current situation in society. So, right now, I'm probably 8 months old. Barely even a toddler. I learn a lot about myself. Hell, the ONLY guy I have come to feel a brief, wild hormonal desire for was actually a flamer in mannerisms and voice. I don't know what it was about his voice- it sent tingles down my spine.
Mar 18, 2010 Michael from Washington commented on SL Letter of the Day: Are Gay Men Unbearable?.
As for this "loving guys but hating gays" thing, in my experience it's largely due to discomfort and fear of association.

I've thought about this to a fair extent: In high school, NOBODY WANTS TO BE GAY. Gay is an insult, second only to fag. If you come out as gay, you become the gay kid. You aren't yourself anymore. You get associated with the very out, very public flamers. I've had a few guys come out to me in private ever since my own very public outing, given my 'normalcy', and each of them echo this fear: if they come out, people will start treating them differently.

They all come from different backgrounds, but a lot of them are insecure about being pinned as feminine even though they aren't in the slightest. One comes from a family that has a deep military tradition in all the men; it's a really hyper-masculine environment. It's a tradition he's going to be following, too, despite DADT. It took him awhile to acknowledge that 'soldier' and 'gay' could be the same thing.

It's just totally incongruous to them: gay is not 'I love men' anymore, it becomes the whole culture that they simply aren't comfortable with or ready to take part in. They can't go near it- what will people think of them?

Sorry if I'm rambling, I'm a bit dazed coming home from school to find a letter and topics I can really closely relate to.
Mar 18, 2010 Michael from Washington commented on SL Letter of the Day: Are Gay Men Unbearable?.
HGG: Sup. I'm a gay high schooler too, I've been out for about eight months now. It came as such a shock to people that I've become a bit famous on campus for being so 'straight-acting'. No limp wrists, no rainbows, no swishy fashion deva thing going on. Totally, utterly normal. Nobody would second guess me.

Since then, I've progressed from being simply out to doing some class projects on gay-related topics: namely, stereotyping, gay civil rights, DADT, a great deal of things. It turns out to be really educational and all my peers love it. I've managed to make people rethink the way they judge others, gays in particular. My teachers are proud of the respect I manage to generate from my classmates.

There's nothing wrong with flamers. I've come to realized we all put up with the same crap together. You either are or are not gay- everything else, such as how you express it, is ultimately irrelevant. I don't express it by swishing my hips. I express it by looking for another guy that's as 'normal' (I can't even put an appropriate word there- I can't help it, too, that's my attraction) as I am and simply being in love. There's a damn wide spectrum of 'gay' and sometimes I feel like my tastes are painfully narrow, but hey, I wander into Slog and find another person like me!

Take it easy, if you can, and know that there's someone out here that knows EXACTLY what you're going through every day. If you ever want to talk or anything (I don't know your situation, if you're out or anything, etc, but I do know what you're dealing with) just drop me a line here, somehow.
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