Apr 19, 2013 beva commented on Surely She Deserved It.
Aug 4, 2011 beva commented on Control Tower.
Lighten up Francis
Jul 7, 2011 beva commented on My Father Is an African Immigrant and My Mother Is a White Girl from Kansas and I Am Not the President of the United States.
I liked this. Was sad for the young boy missing a father, but am guessing he did better without the daily influence of a overbearing egomaniac.
Oct 24, 2009 beva commented on Hate Crimes Bill Clears Senate.
Why does Loveschild even read Dan Savage?
Oct 23, 2009 beva commented on Vaccinate Boys Against HPV.
Thunder of God ~ Vax all kids!
Oct 23, 2009 beva commented on NYT: Shouting is the New Spanking.
Busting out my self help books, sigh
Sep 29, 2009 beva commented on I, Anonymous.
Hello People! wash your fricking hands already. Google it if you don't believe how important it is, sheesh, so basic.

As for the baby haters, or "child free" folks, am sure you are so green and environmental your ecological footprint is the size of a gnat, yeah right...
Sep 29, 2009 beva commented on Savage Love.
Where can I order the specially embroidered Santorum towel to wave at the rally?

@105 good question, aren't we supposed to put condoms on vibrators now a-days? When I think of the sanitary conditions I considered acceptable in college... yeech!!!!
Sep 4, 2009 beva commented on Was It Something I Said?.
honesty is the best policy.

who ever wrote that email to Dan was:

(a) drunk
(b) stupid
(c) desperate
(d) all of the above